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Tail of the Serpent

Coming from the sea into the land, the moutains protect Archana from invaders from the west


"It is uncontested the fact that Archana's greatest blessing is the Bashmu Range. It provides the Kingdom both wealth of resources and semi-natural protection of the borders against invaders."
— Excerpt from Archana's History Books

When Bashmu came, it slithered from the sea. Its size was unbelievable, as there was no end to its immensity. Even after it was brought down, no one could see how far its corpse reached. When the Realm Gates closed and its corpse turned into a range of mountains, its tail was still going from land all the way into the sea.


"Tail of the Serpent" is how the last few mountains at the western end of the range are called, all the ones northward past the Hawk Cliff. These mountains are the most welcoming to the wildlife of the range, and is famous to create a protective barrier against invaders from the west, making it harder for them to come even from the sea.

Fauna & Flora

The Tail has good inhabitable lands, with common Archan wildlife present, though not as much as in the rest of the territory. Trees are sparse, fruit bushes are common, and so are small prey and their predators, like owls and hawks.

Natural Resources

As a part of the Bashmu Range, the Tail gives access to The Veins, though entrances are much harder to find around this side. Besides that, the land isn't as harsh here, offering a good place for nature to thrive. Rivers are more common and easy to access, and the soil is good for smaller-scale farming.

Alternative Name(s)
The Tail
Mountain / Hill
Location under
Owning Organization

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