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The legendary serpent whose corpse formed the Bashmu Mountains


"The stories of old say that the Bashmu Range is the corpse of an enormous serpent that fell during the Calamity... Could it be true?"
— a citizen questioning the old stories of the bards

Born in the burning lands of Mors, Bashmu was a gargantuan proto-dragon, a horned serpent-like creature with wings and front legs, bred by Demons to try and replicate the glory and power of their gods, the Dragons. It was unsuccessful though, as it was slain by the wielder of Umbra during the Calamity, forming the Bashmu Mountain Range as its body turned to stone after the closing of the Realm Gates.

Archan Folklore

Due to the generalized ignorance of the survivors after the Calamity, the true story behind Bashmu was mostly forgotten. In the context they were, a tale of a benevolent serpent, and not a monster, rose around the new communities. Bashmu's true identity was twisted and it came to be known as The Guardian Serpent.

Divine Classification
Legendary Beast
Current Location
Year of Death
1 CE
Circumstances of Death
Slain by the wielder of Umbra
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