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The Guardian Serpent

The tale of Bashmu, Guardian of Archana


"I've heard people saying this mountain is actually the head of an ancient and powerful snake. Do you believe in that?"
— Alex Yaerian

While Bashmu was actually an all-devouring serpent bioengineered by Demons, that was not the story that survived for the centuries to come. The Archani tell how The Guardian Serpent protects their kingdom from its enemies, keeping the choosen land of magic safe from all harms.


The tales tell that Bashmu was sent to the battlefield by Tiamat during the Calamity to defend the world from the invading demons. In an epic battle against a mystery foe, Bashmu was defeated but made sure to fall in such a way to create a barrier to protect those who would survive the war. Now, while it is dead, some believe Bashmu's spirit lives on, not only forming a semi-natural barrier around Archana but also watching the border at Edgemourn.

Historical Basis

There is nearly nothing of truth in the myth behind Bashmu. The battle did happen, but the Guardian Serpent was actually the Devouring Serpent, foe of humanity, made by the demons in an attempt to replicate the glory of their Dragon gods. The actual hero of this story was the wielder of Umbra, the one who fell Bashmu and kept it from devouring the planet. The way Bashmu fell, forming a barrier around the would-be Kingdom of Archana, was more a convenience than anything.

In Art

Given the role the mountains play in Archana, the importance its people have given to it shows all around. The imagery and symbology of dragons appear everywhere, from common cultural adornments, in churches, and, most notably, in the kingdom's flag.

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