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Creatures native to the Realm of Chaos


"The Calamity changed our world forever, my child. While we were blessed with magic, there have been some tremendous lasting consequences I haven't told you about yet. Demons... creatures of chaos from another world. Do not underestimate them. They are unable to follow the path of balance, and they will always try to make the world stray away from it. They are our enemies as much as their appearance would suggest."
— Ailill, the Druid

As a broad term to refer to all those who come from the Realm of Chaos, Mors, all Demons have quite a few things in common due to their homeland, even if in appearance they seem all too different.

Basic Information


The morphology of demons is as varied as it can be. Many of them are humanoid, two arms, two legs, standing, etc., but there are many other forms they can take, some still resembling animals from Aequus, such as serpents, octopuses, and others, but there are also those that go beyond the imaginable - but there is always one pattern among all of them: they are made to look terrifying or disgusting... or both.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Following the rule of strength, in a demon society the strongest leads, and that is pretty much the only rule that applies. If the leader falls to someone else, the victor becomes the new leader. They may rule just the way they wish, as the fear they strike upon their followers is often enough to guarantee their obedience.

Average Intelligence

The intelligence of demons isn't anything noteworthy, as they don't tend to rely on cunning and deception to overcome their foes. They often range from mid to low level intelligence if compared to Humans.

Average Physique

To compensate for their lowish intelligence, their physical prowess is par to none, being it often stronger and more agile than any creature in Aequus of comparable size. Demons always submit their foes by the use of brute force and intimidation, and there is rarely anything to match them.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

With a culture of strength and domination, demons haven't developed much in terms of technology, except for all things related to warfare, in which they are quite advanced. Still, their technologies are less of a result of research and reasoning and more of a product of biological evolution. Such is their Apocalypse Knights project, a group of super-soldiers engineered to defeat The Nine, made by using human DNA and enhancing it through countless cycles of reproduction and selection of the ablest specimens.


Demons were created together with their realm, Mors. They were made by their Gods as living embodiments of the elements of Chaos, opposing their rival species, the Celestials of Order. Ages of evolution later, they met with the celestials by accident because of a Realm Gate that appeared between their realms, and with their differences, they started a long history of conflict.

Tired of the pointless war, members of both races gathered, rather begrudgingly, to try and build something together. With the use of their powers, they discovered that they could, together, create other realm gates, both between them and between other worlds. This made their contact easier and brought their relationship closer as they tried to find a way to reach their gods. With their powers joined, they were able to create a whole new realm, named Aequus, the Realm of Balance. Their truce didn't last long after that, though, as soon as humanity learned to use magic. This changed everything.

Curiously, both demons and celestials believed in the same gods, the Dragons, but of opposing elements. Each of these species could use magic only of the elements of their respective gods. But humans, as they discovered, could use all of the 8 elements, which meant they could also use the 9th, Aura. This stroke them, as humans could be the key to finding the dragons - they just had to control humanity to use their power and reach their gods.

With the Realm Wars starting all over again but this time for control over humanity, demons and celestials fought against each other for ages to come, always trying to conquer Aequus and failing against the Nine, who only proved to them further that the dragons were within reach. Still, they both ultimately failed, as, during the last of the battles, the Nine were able to seal Mors and Caeles away for good, and they haven't been heard from since - a battle that was known as the Calamity.

Even though they were mostly isolated from Aequus, there were still some demons who left the war alive and were able to stay, hiding away and trying to survive on our planet. Goblins are such an example, pesky little devils who were able to make of Aequus their home, becoming common troublemakers, especially to villagers.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

It's hard to predict how it will be a relationship with a demon, be it between themselves of with other species. One thing is certain: they always want to be proven superior. Still, although it happens often, hostility doesn't always take place, as there are cases of strong demons friendships and friendly rivalries. When it comes to celestials though, they will certainly be enemies, as their opposing natures don't allow them to come to a mutual understanding. They have certainly tried in the past, but it was a matter of time until they broke into war.

The relationship between demons and humans is almost always aggressive. The latter fear the former and attack before asking, and the former tries to subjugate the latter because they see themselves as superior. But there can be cases that a good relationship starts among them, especially if its for mutual gain.

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