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The Elemental Stone of Dark


"Oh, poor kid, you're hurt? Great, no one cares, now get up and fight!"
— Umbra, Elemental Stone of Dark

Umbra is one of the 9 Elemental Stones given to the chosen warriors by the Dragons, to protect Aequus from Caeles and Mors during the Realm Wars. It was last seen by Raymond Vilennorand his team inside The Veins.

Divine Domains

Dark, Death, Truth, Fear, Conflict

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Umbra is an oval faceted onyx roughly the size of a fist. Oddly, she hardly gives any reflections on her surface but has a distinct shimmer on the inside. She also has an ominous dark aura around her, as if she was absorbing the light nearby.

Special abilities

Like every other Elemental Stone, Umbra is able to shift her form and become any kind of weapon or armor the user desires. She can also produce magic by herself but, as expected, only of the Dark element.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Umbra was created by the Dragons about a million years ago as a weapon to defend Aequus and to serve as a mentor and guide to the chosen warrior who would wield her. Because of that, Umbra was part of many battles throughout History and has become an experienced fighter. During the last Realm War, Umbra and the Chosen of Dark were able to fell the legendary serpent Bashmu, that later transformed into mountains.

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When the war was over, Umbra was hidden in the Veins of the beast, only to be found later by Raymond Vilennor while he was out with a scouting party looking for resources to help against the Hrastfolk. He took the gem, but after tasting her destructive power, dumped her into The Wound, where Umbra would unleash her power and form the Blightwoods.


Often condescending and pessimistic in regards to her user, Umbra thrives in overpowering her enemies, proking them, and competing for respect. She's also always blunt and sincere, never measuring the impact of her words even if it means it will destroy the person's morale. She takes no pity on weakness and is always testing her user to make sure they are always strong and prepared for anything.

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