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The Elemental Stones

Legendary gems of unmeasurable power


"My guardian once said that there is a lot about this world that we don't know, that has been lost to time. Tales of ancient technology, Dragons, and powerful warriors. Have you heard about the Elemental Stones? They were once used to protect our planet, and are now hidden throughout the planet."
— Alex Yaerian

Legends tell the tale of 9 ancient warriors, chosen by the gods themselves, who wielded great powers able to topple the armies of both Heaven and Hell. These warriors were granted powerful weapons, a set of gems containing unimaginable power of magic. It is said that after that these Elemental Stones were hidden, scattered through the planet, and will grant godlike powers to those able to find them.


The Stones have become an obscure legend, known only to a minority, and even among those who know the stories assume these gems are nothing but legends of old - but there are indeed some few who believe in the tales. The Dragon's Eye is an order of monks who seek the power of the Stones to meet the dragons, and they have spread throughout the world setting up monasteries in search of them.


Back in early History when the Twin Realms started fighting over humanity, the Dragons pledged to help the children of Balance the way they could. Once a war broke out, they would gift 9 humans the ability to weave the elements at their will, and with it, a Stone to serve as their weapon, tutor, and companion. For ages the Nine and the Stones fought alongside each other, until The Calamity and the banishment of the other Realms from Aequus. Since then, the Stones have been in hiding, watching and awaiting the day they are needed again to restore Balance.

The Stones

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Aura resembles a gray cat's eye gem and is the Elemental Stone of Aura.


Umbra resembles an onix and is the Elemental Stone of Dark. It was hidden inside the corpse of Bashmu, until Raymond Vilennor found it and tossed it into The Wound, forming the Blightwoods.


Lumina resembles a diamond and is the Elemental Stone of Light.


Ignis resembles a ruby and is the Elemental Stone of Fire.


Glacies resembles a neon apatite and is the Elemental Stone of Frost.


Ventus resembles an amethyst and is the Elemental Stone of Wind.


Terra resembles an emerald and is the Elemental Stone of Earth.


Fulgur resembles a heliodor and is the Elemental Stone of Thunder.


Aqua resembles a sapphire and is the Elemental Stone of Water.

Item type
Height: 10cm
Width: 5cm
Depth: 5cm
Base Price

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