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The Wound

Exposed and bleeding, a rift from where the blight flows


"It's like... a dark eye, staring at us... An abyss of despair hungering for death..."
— Alex Yaerian

The Wound is a rift cracked open at the Bashmu Range. It is said that is was the wound that killed Bashmu, and now bleeds its corruption to the world, forming the Blightwoods.


A giant opening at the side of one of the mountains, it is a crack coming all the way down to its base and to the earth, according to old reports from before the Blightwoods began to grow. It gives access to many cave entrances from The Veins, but no one can reach there alive. Not much can be seen from far away, either, as no matter which direction the sun shines from, it appears as if an ominous shadow keeps the light from approaching.

Fauna & Flora

As nothing can survive the hunger of the blight, it is assumed that there are no creatures or plants living by The Wound as well.

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