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Head of the Serpent

A mountain formed from Bashmu's head, famous for housing Vilennor at its base


"I've heard people saying this mountain is actually the head of an ancient and powerful snake. Do you believe in that?"
— Alex Yaerian

From the remains of Bashmu the Range was formed. It's head, now barely resembling the beast, shaped the highest mountain of the bunch. This is where Raymond Vilennor found the first entrance to The Veins, and also where the city honoring his discovery and sacrifice has been standing for centuries.


Located at the eastern end of the Bashmu Range, the mountain retains some of its head shapes, with two bodies of earth protruding from the top, like horns. It's western and eastern faces offer a challenge near impossible to overcome for all those who wish to traverse it, thanks to their steep slopes. The Shrine of Enlightnment has been built at the top of the Head, and it is said that to provide the answers to all hardships one may encounter.

Fauna & Flora

It is unknown whether something lives atop the Head of the Serpent. It looks barren from afar, and no one has bothered to climb it to know for sure if there are any animals there.

Natural Resources

Much like the rest of the mountains in the range, the Head gives access to The Veins and all the precious resources inside it. Except for that, it doesn't offer anything of much value, especially due to the difficulty to access anywhere above its base.

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