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Hawk Cliff

Home to the mountain dwarves in Archana


"My people has made of this mountain our home centuries ago, and we will see that it stays that way."
— Bhogur Stanweall, Lord of Hawkcliff Citadel

The Hawk Cliff is a cliff on one of the mountains from the Bashmu Range, to the west near the Tail of the Serpent. It is inhabited by Mountain Dwarves who moved there to stay away from Nouvemond's war against Hrastgar back in the first century.


While mostly like the other mountains in the range, the cliff is what sets it aside. It faces eastward, coming nearly straight down to the base of the mountain. The top of the cliff has been straightened out by the dwarves so they could build their city there, the Hawkcliff Citadel.

Fauna & Flora

The cliff earned its name from the unexpected discovery of hawks (northern goshawk) that live in the forest below it. They prey on rabbits, shrews and other small animals common in Archana, and are trained for falconry by the dwarves to weaken larger hunting game.

The mountain itself, while not as dry as most of the range, isn't particularly a vivid scenery. There isn't much to be found except small, sparse trees and short grass.

Natural Resources

Much like the rest of the Bashmu Mountains, the cliff also has an entrance to The Veins, giving the dwarves from Hawkcliff access to all of its resources. Besides that, the mountain doesn't have much to offer except for small hunting game for hawks. The forest below enjoys larger ones, but they aren't often sought by the people of the cliff due to the distance.

While mostly dry and unable to offer good, fertile and plain grounds for farming, an aquifer has been found inside it, formed by an underground stream that forms at the top of the mountain.

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