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Mountain dwarves of the Hawkcliff Citadel


"I mean, the Cliffers are excellent fighters and are honorable. If we get their loyalty they surely will help us 'til the end. Thing is... they are loyal to the King. They have a contract with the crown. They won't betray that."
— Street Fox, Thief of Legend

Vilennor might be more famous as the source of wealth in the Kingdom of Archana, but they are not the only prospectors of The Veins. The Cliffers, Dwarves denizens of the Hawkcliff Citadel, have a culture all about the exploration of the caves, and are arguably the most all prepared on the subject.

Naming traditions

As is the tendence among Mountain Dwarves, their names sound strong and heavy. There aren't many similarities with Human names as their culture developed fairly isolated, coming in contact with the other Archani only every once in a while. K's, G's, O's and R's are common in their names.


Shared customary codes and values

The Cliffers are as orderly as one would expect of their kind. Their Laws are ultimate, and they do not tolerate anyone who acts against them within their walls. They believe that maintaining the order is the best way to keep everyone safe and move forward towards progress. For that, they greatly value their traditions and rituals, as much as the structure of their society. Government, family, status, castes, courts, laws, honor... These things are all indispensable to the Cliffers, nearly to the point of being considered holy.

Average technological level

Most of the technologies in the Citadel make use of mechanical energy and the use of Earth magic. They use some spellforged and runeforged items too that they bought from other Archan traders. Still, those are the minority, and only for items that they cannot attain with their own techniques.

Art & Architecture

Even compared to the dwarves of Vilennor, the Cliffer aesthetic is distinguishedly angular. Dark stones and metals form the basis of their buildings, with silver and golden details and engravings as highlights for the upper castes. But in terms of art, it is safe to expect that they won't have any. The Cliffers don't care about the matters of the spirit and are much more grounded in their creations. Everything they do is supposed to be efficient and have a clear, practical purpose. Performing, painting, and literature are all but absent from their culture. Sculpting is only present as part of their architecture goes, as features for intimidation and glorification. Their music is simple, as it is ever only used to raise the spirits of the workers during a harsh day.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The most famous tradition of the Cliffers is the Ironhawk Brawl, an annual fighting tournament held in their arena. It originated from their Ironhawk trials, their rite for settling legal disputes when there was no clear, pacific way to reach an agreement. As these events gathered more and more people to cheer on the combatants, an official tournament was created to appease the crowds.

They also created and participate in the Unification Fair, the turning-of-the-year event in Archana, also representing the union of the entire Kingdom.

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