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Hawkcliff Citadel

Dwarven city atop the Bashmu Range


"Standing strong at the top of a mountain, a long and dangerous trip to an unfriendly landmark... It's intimidating."
— Zeke Lionhart

Rising above the Cliff of same name, the Hawkcliff Citadel is a dwarven city that is mostly built in the tunnels of the Bashmu Mountains. While they are a part of the Kingdom of Archana, the Cliffers keep mostly to themselves, avoiding contact with the land's politics.


In Hawkcliff one would have a hard time finding anyone who is not a dwarf. Through generations under a strict culture, no lineage remained as humans as they once were, and due to the difficulties to make the trip up the mountain, it is very rare for any outsider to reach the Citadel. All of this results in an uncommonly homogeneous population.

Socially speaking, though, the Cliffers have many different classes, as rich and as poor as they can be. The classes are very well defined, and a dwarf can rarely leave the one they were born into. While they can earn their way up through honest work, the heavy regulations make it hard for them to succeed at that.

Industry & Trade

Due to the difficulties to access the Citadel, the dwarves have to fare for themselves most of the time. Food comes from various sources, like mushroom farms in the caverns, crops on the outside, and also hunting in the forest below. But sometimes these sources are not enough to feed the entire Citadel, and when that is the case, merchants leave the Cliff towards Blackbourne to sell Mithril and Adamant for food.

Once a year there is also the Unification Fair in Moyen, a settlement under the Cliff, when the dwarves and the other Archani join together to trade and celebrate.

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