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Archan Territory

The land of magic and wealth


"It was just a dream when I was a kid to see this nation united and living peacefully. To think that achieving this was possible... and it is all thanks to you."
— Charles Maine, first King of Archana

Small, but one of the most beautiful areas in the region, Archana is not only a haven for outsiders for its liberal view of magic. While most of its landscape is natural, there are still scars from a war long past, which, ironically, formed one of the most defining vistas of the kingdom, not to mention its riches.


The Archan territory can be divided in two parts: the Archan Heartland and the Hub Lands. The territory is formed mostly of plains, small hills, forests and the occasional wetlands across its entirety; the only exception to the rule are the Bashmu Mountains, an unnatural remain from the Realm Wars. It is a coastal region, having access to the sea from the north and the west, though those who approach from the latter cannot access the center of the region without going through the mountains - the only viable path is coming from the Blackbourne Bay, from the north.

Fauna & Flora

Archana's wildlife is pretty standard to the old world and doesn't change much between the heartland and the peninsula, though the latter is more populated in terms of fauna. Small mammals, such as rabbits, polecats, bats and otters, medium-sized such as wild boars and foxes, and larger ones such as deers and bears can be found. Birds are often small and herbivorous, though owls and egrets can be seen, and the regions near the western mountains are famous to house hawks.

Beeches and oaks are the most common kinds of trees, among birches, pines, willows, and others. Smaller plants and flowers like gorse, heather, broom, and bracken are also common.

Natural Resources

The heartland isn't very rich in resources; that is, excluding the Bashmu range. The soil isn't particularly fertile and the wood isn't the best in the market, but the mountains guard treasures to supply the kingdom for countless centuries, possibly. The Veins, as the caves under the mountains are called, hold metals and gems with magical properties, desired by many throughout the world.

The peninsula of the Hub Lands, on the other hand, is quite rich in variety. The soil is great for plantation, the sea is plenty with good fish, the meadows provide for good cattle and horse raising, but they don't have any easy access to the Veins. The marshes near the mountains offer a good challenge to anyone willing to approach, hardly worth it to make a trip and back, or even to settle nearby.


  • Kingdom of Archana

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