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Usage of Rune Magic to enhance objects for various applications


"You haven't heard of runes? We can use them to make all sorts of things, it's fascinating! I don't know a lot about them, but I'd sure like to. Archana's surely going to become the greatest country in the continent thanks to runeforging."
— Zeke Lionhart

Although a rather recent discovery, Runeforging has been proving to be leading the world into a technological revolution. As step up from the Spellforging technology, runeforging is an advanced technique using Rune Magic that is capable of binding more complex magical effects into objects. And, unlike spellforging, runeforged items don't need to be recharge, though they might need repair if their runes are damaged.

Access & Availability

Requering extensive knowledge on runes to perform the runeforging, it is rare to find who has the necessary skills, making this ritual very expensive, especially outside Archana. There, at least, wizards and smiths can easily work together to make of runeforged items cheaper and more commonplace.


Runes are hard to understand, draw, create, and learn. All of this together makes of runeforging hard to have access to and to develop as a technology, but its advancement has been growing steadily thanks to the high demand for the products it can create.


Runeforging expands on the possibilities of spellforging, while also making the effects permanent. While all the common effects of the latter can still be made, the former can achieve the creation of more complex objects. One of the possibilities and one of the most popular is the use of a Frost rune inside an insulated box, together with a Fire rune on the outside of the same side, to create a heat transference system for the box to be used as a fridge.


While it requires a lot of study and practice, no aether is required from the person performing the ritual. All that is takes for it to work is drawing the desired rune onto the object, and a simple touch of a body of aether is enough to trigger the effect. Still, knowing which runes to draw for the desired effect is a hard task, as the slightest change in the configuration can mess up the result. This also means that a very precise drawing is required, which requires time and dedication to get right.

Parent Technologies
Kendra Geoffe
Access & Availability
Easy to find (in Archana), Expensive
The exact date is unknown, but sometime between the years of 93 and 98 AE, during one of her extensive and isolated study sections, Kendra Geoffe discovered that through a ritual she called "Spellforging" she could bind elemental effect in weapons and other objects. It is uncertain how she discovered this by, as she never properly described the ritual required. Other smiths tried to replicate the little she told them about it, and through trial and error, they successfully replicated the process but with a lesser result. The magical properties weren't permanent as Kendra could achieve and instead had a limited number of uses.

Today, the permanent enchantment that Kendra discovered is known to be achieved through the use of Runes and is called "Runeforging" instead.

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