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The cold and fragmented lands of the north


"Krenjor is a dangerous foe indeed. They haven't managed to attack us with all their strength because the country is disorganized. But if they ever manage to unite their people... I fear the worst."
— Edric Maine, deceased King of Archana

After The Calamity, a sudden burst of cold came down from around the North Pole, freezing the lands of the northern reaches of the continent. This changed drastically the living conditions in those regions, where some adapted themselves, and others fled southwards. With a lower count of population and the hardships of the cold, the people of the northern lands grew separated from each other, resulting in a large variety of cultures and customs. Still, some communities grew enough and took the responsibility of uniting the land, founding Krenjor. This didn't last long though, as the same obstacles that made these settlements grow apart contributed to separate them once more. Now Krenjor is a shattered land, where many clans fight either for unity or independence.

As a decentralized nation, it is hard to put all of Krenjor in the same bag while talking about international politics. Even so, some generalizations can be made. There have been attempts in the past to conquer Archana, but just as Artalgne, all of Krenjor's attempts have failed. They did manage to get hold of the Hub Lands before it was Archan territory, but it was eventually left to fend off by itself thanks to internal struggles. There is also a heated fight at the border with Welfenbach, who constantly tries to expand their territory.

Krenjor's landscape doesn't have a lot of variety. At its southern reaches, the cold isn't so intense, and green fields can be found. Towards the middle, the darker green vegetation and the ruins of the old world can be found, as not many dare to live around those parts. To the north, most of all the land is covered by snow and ice throughout the whole year, and most who venture there never return. This is also where most Giants and Orcs can be found, as their natural affinities help them survive the intense cold.

Geopolitical, Country
s. Krenja; pl. Krenja
Government System
Power Structure
Provisional government
Economic System
Controlled Territories

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