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Envoys of Tiamat

An Order that hunts, imprisons and kills mages in the name of the Goddess


"As an Envoy of our Mother, I declare you guilty of consuming our Goddess's essence and therefore sentence you to death!"
— Veneris Cosimus, Commander of the Envoys of Tiamat, to a captured wizard

Born from the Light of Tiamat, the Envoys of Tiamat are a militaristic order that was founded to enforce the beliefs of the Church in the Artalgnian Empire, even through violence if necessary. They are infamous in the whole continent for being very competent and efficient mage-hunters.

Public Agenda

With the use of magic being outlawed and considered as heresy in Artalgne, the Crusaders have been trained and prepared to put down anyone who dares to use the essence of the Goddess. They are ruthless in their approach, having no qualms when putting these criminals down.


The Crusaders have access to the rare metal known as Mithril, with an impenetrable resistance against magic, which they use to make their armors and weapons. They have also recently acquired the knowledge on Rune Magic, which they use in order to dispel magic and prevent its use completely, turning them into an even more frightening foe to those who depend on it.

Military Order
Alternative Names
Tiamat's Crusaders
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Envoy; Crusader
Parent Organization

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