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Dorothy Phadrig

Archmagus of the Arcane Development Program

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for helping to develop this character

Lady Dorothy Eleanor Phadrig


"Claire, my dear. You have always been such a good girl, the best of my students! I am so happy to see your advancements, I'm expecting great things from you!"
— Lady Dorothy Phadrig, Archmagus of the ADP

As head of the Arcane Development Program of the Kingdom of Archana, Dorothy Phadrig is an excellent Wizard, a kind but authoritarian woman in charge of teaching the other magi of the Kingdom and further the research and development of Rune Magic.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Dorothy is a rather frail woman if compared to any battle-ready mages, and her health is a little less than ideal for a common person of her age. She is short, slim, and hunchbacked, with a rather croaky voice and bony hands. Still, she looks very friendly and welcoming towards her students and peers.

Facial Features

Much like her body, her face shows her age, with deep wrinkles and grizzled blond hair, but her expressions are light and comforting, like a grandmother tending to her grandchildren. Her brown, beady eyes often close as her smile widens, an expression she does often.

Special abilities

As the head of the ADP, it is to no one's surprise that Dorothy shows great skill in magic. She is probably the most powerful wizard in Archana, especially with the Frost, Light, and Earth elements. She also shows a nearly unmatched memory and hand coordination to draw runes, necessary skills in her line of work.

Body Features

Her frail physique with bony limbs, wrinkled skin, grizzled blond hair, and hunchback pass her as a harmless old woman, hiding her true skills as a great wizard. But it all shows her years of devoted studying the magical arts, hunched over books to reach the status she has today.

Physical quirks

Her bad posture through the years has resulted in her hunchback, but it has also become a telltale characteristic of hers, paired with her favorite cane. As she talks, she often hits her cane on the floor accompanying her tone of voice and demanding close attention.

Apparel & Accessories

Her fine wooden cane, a gift from the King accompanies her everywhere. With it, she is also always wearing large, loose clothing, hiding her silhouette under the fabric. A large hat shields her from the sun when she goes outside, reading glasses hang on her neck and her braided hair over her shoulder.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dorothy was born in the Phadrig House of Nouvemond's nobility. As such, she was able to meet Edric Maine even before he was King, when both were children. Their friendship grew naturally as they aged, just as Dorothy's unrequited love from Edric did. As he inherited the throne and married another woman, Dorothy saw her childhood friend and love slowly growing distant from her, nearly until they were almost strangers.

Either in an attempt to prove her worth or to escape this reality, Dorothy drowned herself in her books, studying magic to become better, more worthy. She spent years in her study, barely leaving her home until she was finally able to move on. After a failed marriage and no kids already nearing her middle-ages, the son of King Edric, Abraham II, was born. To Dorothy's surprise, Edric would invite her to be a part of the kid's growth as one of his tutors.

She could not reject it, so she answered the invitation. Even without a family of her own, Dorothy could see her motherly instincts appeased by helping to raise young Abraham. The boy grew attached to her as if she was a second mother of his, and she taught him magic just as she continued her own studies. After Abraham assumed as King, he still regarded her as an important motherly figure to him, from whom he would often seek advice. This also helped her studies immensely, as now she had easy access through the King to ancient writings coming from the Hub Lands' traders.

Dorothy began to study some old runes found on these ancient documents from before the Calamity, likely belonging to other Realms. During a night when she was experimenting with translations and trying to copy some samples, she woke up to a screeching noise coming out of the piece of paper she drew the runes on, and it didn't stop until she tore it in two. She later realized that those runes were, in fact, the language of dragons and also the pieces of "code" used to make the laws of reality.

She realized that this unintentional discovery if taken to further studies and development, was a new technology that could change everything. Not only does it give non-casters a way to use magic, but it also opens up countless possibilities of new systems using unique and timed effects, unbound by the limitations of the elements. King Abraham noticed the value of this discovery, later putting Dorothy in charge of his new Arcane Development Program, through which she could have all the resources she needed to further her researches.

As the Archmagus of the ADP, Dorothy displayed great value to the Kingdom, forming a slowly growing group of magi that were quickly discovering new ways to use the runes. Her most outstanding student being Claire Branwen, a young girl who is completely unable to use magic for suffering from the Aetherburn Syndrome, but whose extreme intellect guaranteed her way into the ADP, and is now helping immensely with the development of rune magic. Dorothy has taken an interest in the girl, with who shes been creating a bond, as they often work closely together.


Dorothy didn't work until her early 40s, living from her family's money as well as her ex-husband's. After Abraham was born, she worked as one of his tutors, then as one of his counselors, and finally as the Archmagus in the ADP, a position which she holds currently.

Accomplishments & Achievements

While she didn't accomplish much throughout her life, her rather recent discovery of rune magic is probably the most important discovery since the Calamity. This, along with her knowledge of the arcane, guaranteed her position as head of one of the most important organizations in Archana.

Intellectual Characteristics

Dorothy is a very rational person. Her ability to learn and apply new concepts is admirable, not to mention her great memory and hand coordination which are both very handy when using rune magic. Still, she often lets her emotions get the best of her better judgment, especially when her authority is challenged or when someone touches on sensitive subjects, such as her failed relationships.


Her only taboo is disobedience. Proper respect must be given to the authorities, as the chain of command must be maintained or chaos is sure to take over, destroying the most basic foundations of civilization.


As a member of a noble family, Dorothy received the best education that the Kingdom had to offer. She studied at the same school the Kings and Queens of Archana do, including all the subjects of etiquette, culture, History, magic, and politics. She didn't attend any formal institution of education after her 20s but continued her studies on magic on her own since then.

Failures & Embarrassments

To this day Dorothy still regrets not declaring to Edric, as well as not being able to conceive a child of her own. Still, this regret is slightly appeased by Abraham, who she raised and treated as her son, as if, in another life, she could have married Edric and both had Abraham as their kid.

Morality & Philosophy

There are little worries about morality in Dorothy's mind. She is very pragmatic, worrying more about the results than the means to achieve them. And while her innermost motives aren't public, she says to everyone, and herself, that all she does is to achieve better living standards for the people of Archana, and her way of doing that is through the development of rune technologies. She also believes that, for everyone's sake, society needs to adhere to a model of rulers and followers, so that order is maintained and a stable and healthy social development can take place.

Personality Characteristics


Even though she presents her motivation as the good of Archana, the truth that Dorothy hides even from herself is that her actions are moved by her desire to prove her worth, to feel that she is strong and capable. This developed from the rejections and failures to achieve her dreams during her life, becoming an ingrained part of her self.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

As the head of an organization centered around study and research, it is no surprise that Dorothy is well proficient in logic and rationalization. Most of her strengths are related to her brains, also including a great memory and analysis of possibilities, making her great at mind games as well, even in social contexts. In turn, she is very cold towards others, lacking empathy and emotional bonds with those around her, except with Abraham. Still, she pretends her emotions very well, although she easily shows her colder side when pushed to her limits.

Likes & Dislikes

Dorothy likes her alone time more than anything, the time when she can collect herself to her books, ponder about recent events, meditate about discoveries, and stay away from all the noise and energy of the youth. The later, as it happens, is probably her greatest annoyance. Cheerful, energetic teens remind her of things she would like to leave in the past, so they provoke some rather strong reactions on her.

Virtues & Personality perks

If there is one thing anyone could agree about Dorothy is her efficiency in her work. She puts her mind, body, and soul in her job, doing everything as best and quickly as she can. She also inspires by example this dutifulness in her peers and students, resulting in a very efficient organization that is the ADP.


Contacts & Relations

There are but a few people with who Dorothy keeps a personal relationship, but she has many professional contacts, though. As a close friend to the King himself, Dorothy has nearly unlimited access to all people performing some kind of official work in the Kingdom, which easily extends her reach as the Archmagus. Recently she has taken Claire Branwen as her protégé, a new student of the ADP who is so brilliant that she was able to join the organization despite having the Aetherburn Syndrome, which makes her unable to use magic. Dorothy took the girl under her wing, seeing in her the potential to one day become a great Archmagus.

Family Ties

King Abraham is probably the only living individual with who she shares a strong bond, who she considers family, as her parents passed away and she lost contact with her siblings after moving out. She never kept contact with her ex-husband as well, and having no children means she is mostly by herself in her daily life.

Religious Views

There is nothing more pointless than praising invisible beings and dead people in Dorothy's eyes. Especially when it comes to the Heroes of Archana, she despises the religious practices that revolve around them, as she believes that their souls are long gone and none of them would hear whatever pledges the people bring to them. When it comes to deities such as Dragons and even Tiamat herself, Dorothy finds the practice pointless as their existence cannot be verified, let alone their ability to provide blessings to their followers.

Social Aptitude

Dorothy is quite fine in dealing with people, though she is no expert. Her disregard towards others makes it difficult for her to socialize better, but more often than not she can fend for herself just fine. Her ability to play the careful grandmother is a wonderful tool for getting people to trust her and do what she needs of them, and she uses that to her advantage often, especially within the ADP. She is also very calm and welcoming, with good manners and extensive vocabulary, although she prefers to stay by herself, tending to her business alone. But when she finds something new, she wastes no time bringing it to the public, or at least to Abraham, in an attempt to feel fulfilled by her discoveries.


While she speaks, Dorothy tends to move and wave her cane around. There are some unconscious patterns to these movements as well, such as hitting the cane on the floor every so often when she is demanding attention, tapping it twice on the floor when she is given reason, or pointing it at the subject she is talking about.


Due to her age, Dorothy's voice is rather croaky. She speaks rather quickly, especially when explaining complex theories or having an insight, and reprehends those who cannot follow her train of thought. But when she does the later, she often stays silent, stares at the person, and responds condescendingly when they can't realize their mistake.

Wealth & Financial state

Not only a noblewoman of one of the greatest houses in Nouvemond but also the Archmagus of the organization that drives the development of new magical technologies in the land, Dorothy enjoys one of the largest sums of wealth in Archana. Her wealth surpasses even that of the Counts, being second only to the King and the total sum of the Lionhart Family. She has an estate of her own, properties all around Archana, and, arguably, the entire ADP is as a private company of hers.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Archmagus of the ADP
Master Runecaster
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
409 AE 86 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Grizzled / Blond
Skin Tone
63 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Family & Relations
Abraham II (friend)
Claire Branwen (protégé)

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