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The Imperium Ravens

The Imperium Ravens were founded near the end of the Ethonia Conflict. Emperor Augustus founded it hoping they could prevent unrest in the newly counted territory and to watch their neighbors. They are the most vast spy network in known history.


The ravens are all lead by a the Raven Master with their two assistants, the Quartermaster and the Speaker. The Raven Master is the official leader of the Ravens. He or she would approve organization wide initiatives and assign special missions to agents. The Quartermaster runs day to day operations with organizing missions and distribution resources. The Speaker is the diplomatic aide of the organization. This position deals with sending out diplomats and relaying information to the governors and the Emperor.   The majority of people who work for the Imperium Ravens are agents or ambassadors. Rank is determined by missions competed, success rate, and the difficultly of missions competed. The names are pretty meaningless and are only looked at by the Raven Master.

Public Agenda

The Imperium is constantly under threats internally and aboard. We need a branch of the military to identify and deal with these threats before they become an issue. The founding of the Imperium Ravens will assist the empire greatly for years to come.
— Emperor Augustus


A vast spy network watching Imperium citizens. Assassins, spy, diplomats, etc at the Imperium's disposal.
We work a lot with the Ravens. They provide us with sources and rumors to help document our world.
— Archivist Renna
Secret, Military
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization

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