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Ocean-going Vessels

For centuries the people of Turoza have thought that they were alone on Ulskandar, with nothing to the west except for the vast expanse of the Ocean of Memaran, and nothing to the east except for the waves of the Estrill Ocean.   However, several incursions in the east and the west over the last couple of centuries have dramatically changed the world view of the nations of Turoza, people coming from over the sea to settle, raid and conquer territory in Turoza. This inter-continental movement is only possible thanks to the invention and perfection of ocean-going vessels which are able to stand the pounding waves of the open sea, are manoeuvrable enough to negotiate any hazards that an intrepid mariner might come across, and big enough to carry enough supplies for a long voyage across an ocean.   Since the appearances of the Shaebu Albahr in the The Republic of Castar in the fourth and fifth centuries S.E., and the more recent invasion and settlement of the Hobgoblins of Korinthos, the other nations of Turoza have been pouring countless amounts of resources into discovering the secrets behind building ships capable of navigating the open ocean, so that they no longer have to solely rely on their coastal vessels for trade, communication and protection of their maritime borders.
Access & Availability
So far, no one on the continent of Turoza has been able to successfully build a ship capable of navigating and surviving a journey in either the Ocean of Memaran or the Estrill Ocean.   As the Shaebu Albahr were driven from the lands that they tried to settle in the Castar by the Republic and have not returned since their last attempt of settlement/invasion they are not a viable source of aid in this endeavour. As the Hobgoblins of Korinthos have established themselves as a permanent feature of Turoza, and apparently continue to maintain contact with their relations and allies across the Estrill Ocean, they is potential for a nation to approach them and attempt to negotiate information about the technology out of them. However, no nation has openly made overtures to Korinthos, for fear of reprisals from the other nations and Kingdoms of Turoza.

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