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Ocean of Memaran

Large expanse of Ocean that extends all the way up the western coast of Turoza, and divides the continent from Amfris to the west.   The majority of the nations based in Turoza believe that the Ocean of Memaran is impassible, though the migrations and invasion of the Shaebu Albahr in the area around the Republic of Castar are testament to the fact the Ocean of Memaran is navigable. The Republic of Castar has sent several expeditions to try and cross the Ocean of Memaran, especially after the last invasion of the Shaebu Albahr was finally driven from Castarian shores, but none of these expeditions returned.   The ocean is named after an ancient, long deceased Oceanic Giant named Memaran who claimed rule over the expanse of water in an age long past, but whose memory has passed on enough that his name is still used in the name of the ocean.

Cover image: by Chris Pyrah


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