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Eye Glasses

A discovery to allow sightless to see quickly becoming a tool for elderly researchers everywhere or even wealthy farmers to keep their sight longer.


It is used by people who have trouble seeing different pairs work differently for different people. the development of this technology has also led to the development of several others such as monocles, magnifying glass, and the much more powerful Sun Channeler. The Sun Channeler built upon the principles of lenses and mirrors that the dwarves have become very skilled at making allow them to collect the sun from the tops of their mountains into powerful focused beams that can be used as a way to fuse metal together and sear through foe.


1. create a clear glass disc 2. use a file to shape the glass into a convex or concave shape depending on the type being created. 3. polish clear 4. make adjustments 5. polish clear 6. repeat 4 and 5 until result is perfect 7. attach frame.
Created by the dwarven master glass smith Leonard Farth
Access & Availability
Glasses are only found in the hands of the wealthy with them being able to buy a pair from the dwarves who keep the secret to their manufacture with extreme fervor.
It takes years of training before an apprentice is allowed to make their first pair of glasses for sale to the outer races. It requires the ability to create glass to be used as the material of the lens.
It was discovered by a master glass smith of the dwarves who worked in his spare time to create a tool that would allow his nearly blind wife to see her children clearly. It was eventually discovered after many trial and error when he had noticed his apprentice's warped glass made everything look bigger on the opposite side giving him an idea and a place to start.

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