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Galanos Golems

Most golems produced in the Age of Regrowth contain a mineral core that gives it function; this makes them distinct from golems of the Age of Magic whose production methods remain a mystery. Each golem core consists of pure silicone carved with runic sigils.  


  In 464 ER Dwarven researcher, Cy Galanos, developed the world's first silicon core. After numerous attempts to replicate the golems of the first age, Cy made a breakthrough by infusing a rounded mass of silicon crystal with magic runes of his own design. While his golems were simple in comparison to older "True Golems", they were the first new golems in centuries.   Upon his discovery Cy Galanos shared his research within his clan. Soon the production of new golems were quickly underway; however, the method of their creation was kept secret and just as quickly became the Galanos Clan's claim to fame.   At first the new golems were a novelty among wealthy elite, but as the refinement process for the golem cores advanced so too did the productivity of the golems. Today, golem labor is a staple among large businesses across the Nisealian Archipelago.  


  The complexity of a Galanos Golem's actions are directly tied to the amount and type of runes on their silicon cores. Early models had smaller cores with limited space for runes, but as the silicon refining process became more advanced the size of the core increased. The more runes a golem contains the more commands it will be able to perform. The simplest golems are only capable of moving objects about, with no ability for free thinking. Larger golems are able to complete multiple complex tasks and are able to make decisions on their own, but only those that pertain to the completion of their tasks (choosing the quickest paths, avoiding dangers, etc.).   The highest quality golems are can complete nearly any task a normal person would be capable of, although no Galanos Golem is capable of channeling their own magic (though this can be circumvented through modular attachable magic items). The cost of such high quality golems makes them mostly unfeasible for the average buyers, instead lesser golems are most common. Lesser golems are mostly used as a solution for menial labor (mining, shipping, etc.).

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