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  Runes are created via transforming an idea into an image. Ideas are typically written down as a word or phrase, and the shape of the language used often dictates what the rune looks like in the end. A rune for health in Draconic will not be the same as one written with Common.   These shapes channel the concept behind their creation, along with the mana of the user and the ambient mana of the environment, and can be used in a variety of ways.Some examples of rune usage would be: runes of protection painted in the foundation of a home, a magic user carrying a rune for fire to help them with their fire magic, or a detective wearing truth-runed glasses.  

Runes & Mana Ink

  Runes and mana ink are heavily tied together in every day magic usage. Everyday items typically have a carved rune with mana ink inlaid inside, having the power of the rune and the enhancement of the ink.   A rune can be powerful on its own, but the addition of the ink can help channel extra mana within the rune to prolong its effects and enhance its strength.  

Rune Guide


Common runes for light, lightning, fire, ice, water, wind, earth, and darkness.


Runes were discovered by mages in the age of early magic. It was one of the first ways to channel magic, and was not as regulated as it is today. With time they have become restricted to prevent misuse. The regulations were put in place to avoid some of the following problems:
  • Raising the Dead
  • Altering others' wills/minds
  • Using runes to alter regulated systems (ie: gambling)
Access & Availability
Runesmith are legally trusted with the access to runes. Common day people can learn it, but are not able to be employed.
Runes are a semi-complicated technology, and while some people can learn a select few, it isn't uncommon to have to carry around a Runebook.   A helpful component for runes is Mana Ink, but it isn't required.
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