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Far Reaching Speech Stones

Can You Hear Me Now?

"You can either buy one, or make one yourself. It just depends on your Runesmith skills. Most people buy 'em, and there's no shame in that." The shop-keep leaned on the glass counter, body language casual. "Most people get one by grabbing the one that catches their eye first, and it's either pre-made with the rune on it, or we send it out if you want a specific type." They glanced up to make eye contact. "So, what'll it be?"


Far Reaching Speech Stones (often abbreviated to FRSS or FSS) are small stones that are charged with magic to aid people in contacting over long distances without the use of technology. They are often carved with a Rune to aid in the channeling of magic, and help focus the mana into telepathy for beings that aren't capable of doing so.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

How do They Work?

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FRSS work by being a vessel for a user's magic. With the combination of stones and runes used, the stone is primed for the purpose of long-form communication with other stones, or compatible devices.

Manufacturing process


The manufacturing process used to be far more personal than it used to be. Back before automation, beings wanting a FRSS would often barter or trade for a suitable stone, tumble and shape it themselves, and then find their local Runesmith to carve in the runes they desired. This meant the stone was incredibly customized and was suitable only for that person.   Now, there are stores with collections of crystals and stones, all pre-tumbled and carved. FRSS already runed are often available in store, which means you can easily walk into these stores and point to one you want, and leave that same day. However, this leaves you with a very basic and almost generic stone. Many magic users will opt to meet automation and the old way at the mid-point: to choose a stone that has no runes yet, and ask for a specific set from the preset and recommended runes available.  

Runesmith Involvement

Many people are not trained enough to do the delicate work of carving runes. This work is set aside for Runesmiths with their nimble hands and dexterous fingers. For extra mana absorption and a better end product, the runes are often painted with a thin brush dipped in Mana Ink.  

One of the common runes used.
Item type
Related Technologies
Raw materials & Components
Stone/Gem, Rune(s), and Mana Ink

Common Stones Used

Stones linked to the throat chakra are often implemented as Far Reach stones, as they can connect with the Mana within the human body and easily interpret attempts at communication with the correct rune-sets. However, if someone is making one on their own entirely, they may choose whatever stone carries significance for them. Common ones are as follows:
  • Turquoise: believed to calm the wearer, and aid in empathy. People who are typically shy while conversing with others will often flock to this stone, as it is claimed to help bring confidence to the wearer.
  • Blue Lace Agate: this stone is considered to aide in communication by soothing emotions. People claim FRSS with Lace Agate are able to communicate with telepathy clearly and without misunderstanding with others.
  • Fluorite: this stone is another common stone, often used because of the belief that it increases concentration, self-confidence and helps in decision-making.
  • Aquamarine: often used by business persons, this stone is believed to help alleviate anger, stress, and tension.
  • Quartzes: there are specific Quartz that do better than others, but in general, any quartz can be used as the base of a Far Reaching Speech Stone. These are the most common, and often the cheapest.


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