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Mana Ink


Mana Ink is the catch all name for any ink created to host mana within it. Mana ink has been used for many years, for branding, runes, and more. It comes in a variety of colours, and many magic users customize their own colours if they are making it at home. Many magic users have a colour they prefer and you can often identify a magic user by the colour of their notes if it's custom made.


Types of Ink


A Guide to Mana Ink

There are three main types of ink: Draco, Magus, and Quartzen. Each ink has different pros and cons for its usage. Many retailers carry a small chart with a breakdown of some of the important questions one has to ask while shopping for mana ink.

Ink TypesLongevityMana LevelPrice RangeQualityRarityShelf-Life

Draco Ink

  Draco ink is created by using mythological creatures' blood, fat and oils to create part of the ink and help bind the mana to the substance. It is titled draco ink due to how it used to be solely made by dragons, using their dead in a funeral rite ink. The obtaining of natural resources is legal, and incredibly protected. Most draco ink is made by dragon owned companies, claiming to be the 'official' brand.
Non-Dragon Draco Ink
  While it originated as a dragon based ink, there are brands that use other species' blood, oils, and other waste to create ink. Due to the similar name, it is best to look at the ingredient list, and check if it has the Official Draco Branding.    

Magus Ink

Magus ink is mana ink that is made by synthetic means; it is not as high quality as draco ink, nor Quartzen. It is typically the easiest to get a hold of, with less expensive materials. While quartzen ink uses high quality quartz, magus ink typically uses lower to mid quality.   What it lacks in materials, it makes up for its variety of applications, such as:
  • Pens (Gel-Pens, Ball-point, etc)
  • Sharpies/Markers
  • Paints
  The other brands are capable of being put within those kinds of housing or specially ordered, but many prefer the ease of access of already created pens and markers.  

Quartzen Ink

  Created by using ground up Quartz as a binding agent for the mana, quartzen ink is often used if one has a little extra Haramn to spend and go the extra mile. Different Quartz may be used between different brands, but it is always within the Quartz family. This brand is especially known for it's shimmer, and is the shiniest out of all three.


Material Characteristics

The physical characteristics of mana ink are extremely similar to regular ink, but a few differences can be found. Mana ink has a metallic sheen and sparkle to it, shimmering regardless of the light in the room.   It also appears to glow in dim light, and one can usually tell a container holds mana ink without opening it due to its shining and ethereal nature.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Mana ink is a slick, typically warm and wet substance. Upon first glance it is hard to distinguish from regular ink, as it shares many properties with it. Some varieties of Magus Ink are flammable, due to their synthetic make-up.

History & Usage


Mana Ink was originally created using mythological creatures' blood and the caster's mana. Over time, this evolved as technology did, allowing for synthetics and other methods of long lasting pigments.   From blood and berries to synthetics, mana ink has come a long way. It has been used in rituals of all sorts, and can be found in graffiti, runes, spell books and more.

Everyday use

Mana Ink is popular among spell-casters in urban settings; particularly as pens or sharpies. There are even tattoo artists who tattoo magic enhancing tattoos on customers using special versions of Mana Ink.   Some printed books also use mana ink, especially books containing magical rituals, spells, and charms. Runes on accessories and other objects can be painted with mana ink to enhance their effects.


Trade & Market

Often found in specialty stores, especially the synthetic variety. Though mana ink of the homemade variety can occasionally be found in tiny corner shops, hidden so that only people trying to find the shop can locate it. These shops are usually worth the hassle, as their quality is usually some of the best.   The higher the quality of ink though, the more expensive it is to purchase. Synthetics, depending on quality are considered the cheaper or moderately priced compared to the ones specially made by a skilled magician.


For best results, the ink must be contained in an air tight, sealed bottle. If not sealed and is somehow exposed to air, the mana quality starts to deplete.   Depending on the brand, the ink may have different storage requirements. It is important to follow the instructions on the labels to insure their best quality and long lasting shelf life.

Law & Regulation

Similar to how runes are regulated by the law to avoid harming others, mana ink usage for unapproved use in illegal activities is also regulated. Usage in illegal rituals (like attempted revival of the dead, or painted onto runes used to alter the mind) if caught is subject to fines and possible jail time.
Semi-Common; higher quality inks are harder to acquire.
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