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Printing Press

The printing press allowed for books to be much more accessible to everyone. This lead to many more people learning how to read and become educated about a variety of things when before it was mostly only people from affluent families who could afford books. The spread of information and news in writing to a large number of people quickly was also made possible.


The struggle to spread information and having multiple copies of books taking years of work by scribes was ultimately seen as untenable. With the invention of the printing press, more than one issue was solved. The printing of books and other written things made it a lot easier for the general population to be able to have access to an education.   In some places it is illegal to print and spread certain kinds of material, for example smut or criticism of rulers and laws. Some countries don't allow any use of a printing press outside of government.
The inventors of the printing press were worshippers of Ioun. A gnome woman named Zuch Roplo is often credited as being the lead inventor and the one who took the initiative to find a better way of transcribing books. Some say it's because she was a scribe and her hand and back kept hurting from the tedious work and so she came up with the printing press so she wouldn't have to do it anymore.   It is rumoured that the first thing printed with the first printing press was a string of expletives that Zuch took great joy in composing. No one has actually found such a document, however, and with working at a temple of Ioun they wouldn't have kept such a thing secret.
Access & Availability
Printing presses are fairly common with at least one in every major town and city throughout Arbressian, though some countries still prefer the use of scribes and limit education for the general population.


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