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The Paragon Temples

The temples of the Twelve all follow similar floorplans, save for that of Khasrana himself. They are all narrow spires, and the temples of the children of Khasrana take the form of tall towers, where Naught and his children can be found on the bottom floors of subterranean structures.   The temples are intricate facilities, housing machinery, technicians, religious pilgrims, and even wildlife in some cases. They are not just places of worship but of discovery, and Pavilion engineers work tirelessly to adapt the power of the Paragons to their benefit. The unfiltered knowledge radiating from Glasya the Learned is distilled into a comprehensible form by mages and scholars, and the unchecked vitality of Melusine the Vibrant turned her temple tower into a thriving menagerie where rare species from across Khasrana can be preserved and studied. Acolytes of Irminsul the Resplendent have even managed to find a way to block the Paragon's influence, creating a space within the temple unaffected by the guiding hand of Irminsul where life can evolve in new and unusual ways.
Access & Availability
The temples vary in their accessibility to the public. Some, like the temples of Melusine and Irminsul, are popular destinations for travelers, and have adapted to allow for their visits. Others, such as the temples of Glasya and Kaliya, are central to the function of their city, and are major sources of employment. These temples all have in common the fact that their Paragons exist solely to provide for the people - life and vitality from Melusine and Irminsul, and knowledge and insight from Glasya and Kaliya.   The other Paragons have somewhat more ambiguous influences over the people, and are also in very remote locations. The temple to Mainyu the Judge in the western Windwood is accessible only to Pavilion honor guard and associated lawmages, and the temples of Kujata and Kuribu, Paragons of war and peace, are located in dangerous and remote mountain ranges, ostensibly to protect them from any possible malcontents. The temple to Bennu the Fearsome, Paragon of ferocity, is in the inhospitable wastelands in the north of the continent, and his acolytes take it as a challenge to reach the Paragon unassisted. The Paragons of the Marsh Kings' Reign, Forgall and Cosmia, are not particularly hard to reach, but they also are not common destinations for followers of the Twelve.
The temple facilities were "discovered" when they manifested fifty years ago. At the time, they were fully-formed structures, but they were empty save for the Paragons.


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