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The act of anchoring an outsider to this world to enhance or enchant an object.


Objects imbued with the outsider will obtain some of the outsiders traits. Common traits given to objects include an Air Elemental's flight, a demon's ferocity, or a Shade's stealth.


The ritual to summon an outsider depends on from where and what creature you are attempting to summon. Once the summoning has begun the binder must wield the flow of magic through either arcane of divine means and feed the resulting flow into the desired object. Depending on the size and hardness of the object a stronger outsider may be used, should the object be insufficient to hold the outsider it will immediately manifest in the plane and likely attack the summoner. Should the object be broken the outsider will appear in this plane until it is banished through magic or sufficient force.
Children Technologies
Arcane Sage Tindolas and Arcane Sage Locrat
Access & Availability
Anyone with access to magic can perform the rituals should they learn the intricacies needed. While it is possible to summon an outsider without any arcane or divine power there is a required ability to alter the influx of magic as the being is summoned. The tome is for sale by various arcane colleges and is taught to apprentices or various arcane smiths and arcane craftsmen.
Binding was discovered by the tieflings when the Arcane Sage Tindolas attempted to reproduce the process that created tieflings and create a race of demonic animals subservient to tieflings. The result failed but ended up binding a demon to the dog's collar and created an flaming mantel magical item. After the collar was dissected to better understand what had happened the demon was unleashed and killed Arcane Sage Tindolas. Thankfully his research was saved by his apprentice Arcane Sage Locrat who published the resulting findings.

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