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Voice stones

Similar to the spell of sending the voice stones allow for communication across distances, the difference being voice stones allow those without magic the ability as well as combining multiple voice stones to share messages.


Depending on the voice stone the user will activate the a stone causing one or all of the paired stones to connect allowing for communication across long distances. Specific sets can be attuned to only activate to specific requirements such as spoken phrase or gesture traced over the stone. Others can be modified to alert a barer of the stone that another is attempting to contact them with lights, sounds, or temperature changes. Specific stones can be used to contact a single voice stone instead of the entire set such as a master stone able to contact all slaved stones while the slaves can only contact the master.


Two or more stones will be taken and carved into matching shapes and a number of outsiders of the same choir will be bound within the set of voice stones using sympathetic magics so whatever is said or done to the stone will affect the matched stones.
Parent Technologies
Access & Availability
The cost of one thousand gold per voice stone makes accessibility limited to those with the resources available. Besides nobility and merchants, large nations have been known to commission the tool for use among their services be they spies, soldiers, or guardsmen.
While the creation is widely known the art of Binding requires dedication to the arcane arts and resources making few able to create the spells that bind a set of stones to each other.

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