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Airships are, in parts of the world, a recent introduction, only becoming widely available after The Sunder opened the Gate of Air, allowing the Avariel to bring in their magnificent and huge warships to Koria, inspiring inventors on that continent to create their own versions.   They were reportedly available for public use and shipping in Eltar two hundred years before, and are as of yet, still mostly unused in Torrezon.


Airships are used predominantly as a way to move items and or people from one place to another overland, instead of using traditional wagon trains. The majority of this is done by trade merchants, moving bulk items from one city to be manufactured, then to another to be sold.   After being introduced, the simple ease and speed at which they can be used to transfer large quantities of goods compared to overland travel drove its use to increase more and more each year.
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Access & Availability
Airships are now in common times, very common in most of Koria, being used mostly for the shipping of trade goods, though the city of Kordairia does hold a significant Air Armada used to defend the Tundra of Winds from attacks and secure the peace of that part of the continent.
Airships can be anything from a simple arcane powered two man crew Sloop, to a massive Skykeep, able to hold hundreds of warriors.
Discounting the Avariel bringing their ships after The Sunder, the first known documentation of Airship usage came fro Eltar in the year -374 ST, in an attempt to continue holding the vastness of they empire after (The Eltaran Mage Rebellion).


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