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Swamp Pumps

"Swamp In!" *clap clap* "Swamp Out!" *clap clap*

The Village of Langdale would hardly exist in the manner in which it does today were it not for an incredible invention called Swamp Pumps. Swamp Pumps took many years to develop and refine to work as efficiently and effectively as they do today, combining centuries of research and years of trial and error to keep the citizens of and visitors to Langdale relatively dry and comfortable, apart from the oppressive humidity that still affects the village much of the year. Two of these massive pumps operate constantly, either of which would be sufficient, but the local government felt it best to have a backup plan. The pumps operate just below the surface of Langdale, carrying the excess water out into the Heart River where it ultimately drains into the Howling Sea. The people in the village still utilize boardwalks to move from place to place, but they have not needed to worry about the boardwalks overflowing since the pumps were installed. Langdale is still a very wet, humid place, but it is far more bearable now than it was before the pumps were installed.


The Village of Langdale was a necessary settlement to establish given its geographical location in the Kingdom of Sorrano, but it was a miserable place to live for centuries until the pumps were developed. The pumps require routine maintenance and are inspected on a daily basis.


A combination of mined ores, smelt with very specific minerals to produce unique compounds, moulded into all manner of original forms were fashioned together utilizing advanced welding techniques combined with hydraulics to produce the finished product.
A team of researchers and inventors worked together over many years, with no one individual the most instrumental in the ultimate manufacturing of the pumps.
Access & Availability
The blueprints are closely guarded in the Village of Langdale Town Hall.
The pumps are profoundly complex, and many wonder whether or not they could be re-created, if needed, even with the blueprints available.
A team of developers, utilizing already-developed inventions and already-explored research, worked together for years. The primary team consisted of mostly gnomes and dwarves, and dwarven mining teams had already developed a mining pump system that the Swamp Pumps would be loosely based upon.


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