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Kingdom of Sorrano

2nd Sixth-Day of Sehanine of the 85th Year A.S.

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It is the 85th year of the rule of the Sorrano Family. The current ruler, King Paolo Sorrano, has ruled for 21 years. Each of the 3 previous Sorrano kings ruled for nearly 22 years, one of whom ruled for nearly 22 years to the day. It is for this reason that King Paolo, himself an extremely superstitious man, believes that he will soon die, and is working to settle his affairs and leave a positive legacy. Meanwhile, rival families seek their own glory, and threats upon the king's life (and other Sorrano family members) are a daily cause for concern for the royal family and their friends and allies.   Throughout the Kingdom of Sorrano, many individuals and organizations work to their own ends with a wide variety of intents. Kingdom life presents many opportunities to do good, evil, or both. For those with evil intentions, new opportunities will soon present themselves...   Off to the northeast, Mount Asmodeus has become active again for the first time in centuries, and rumors coming from that part of the kingdom suggest that the kingdom as a whole may want to worry less about who will be their next ruler, and more about their own survival.   In every settlement across the kingdom, individuals are in need. No matter where one travels, notices speak to the help that can be offered by those with good in their heart. Organizations seek new members, festivals abound, and wonders yet undiscovered wait to be found above and below ground.   An adventurer's paradise, the Kingdom of Sorrano is yours to explore, inhabit, and shape to whatever ends you choose.



Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Four strangers meet and journey across the land, seeking fame, fortune, glory, and answers, all the while aiding the people they encounter.