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Kingdom of Sorrano


The Kingdom of Sorrano spans a landscape marked by vast mountain ranges in the northeast and southwest, steamy swampland in its central lowlands, a raging sea in the northwest, and woodlands peppered throughout. The Howling Sea, the coast upon which the Capital City of Kord sits, is famous for its massive waves that crash upon the shore, and the eerie, howling sounds that can be heard spouting from the volcanic rock at various places along the shoreline. Strange is the day when a fog doesn't hang over Capital City of Kord, nor over the Village of Moonglow which lies hidden in the woods upon an island in the Howling Sea. Mount Asmodeus, a recently active volcano in the Ember Mountain Range, rises dramatically above the horizon just east of the Village of Easthallow. At the opposite end of the kingdom in the southwest corner one can find the Village of Bholgalor nestled between a lake and mountain range named after the village. In the central lowlands, deep in the aforementioned steamy swamps, the village of Langdale hides, often obscured by the fog that hangs almost constantly over the area. Finally, in every corner of the kingdom, there are woods to be found and explored. The Howling and Shrouded Forests flank the Capital City of Kord to the northeast and southwest, Leafside Woods stretch out just south of the Town of Leafside, and many, many more woods pepper the landscape, providing both materials and sustinance for the people of the kingdom. Rivers, streams, hills, cave systems, and many more natural features abound, making the kingdom a truly wondrous place to live and explore. For now.


  • Kingdom of Sorrano
    The Kingdom of Sorrano


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