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Capital City of Kord

All Glory to Kord!

Capital city of the Kingdom of Sorrano, Kord was founded in reverence to the god of the same name, and depictions of the god of strength and storms can be found everywhere. Nearly everyone who lives in the sprawling, coastal city has a statue, painting, or some other reference to Kord in their home or business. The Sorrano family, headed by King Paolo, rule both the city and kingdom in a somewhat benevolent manner, so long as they are given the "respect" they expect. Rival families in Kord and throughout the kingdom have been at war with the Sorranos for decades, but the ruling family has been resilient. As long as the Sorranos remain the ruling family, the kingdom will retain their name.


Kord is mostly human. Many other races are present, but there is considerable segregation, and non-human races tend to live in their own neighborhoods, though it is not forced.




Kord's extensive canals have forced invading armies to bottleneck at bridges, and the city's defensive forces have mastered the art of utilizing the city's canals and bridges to maximum effect, preventing all but minimal damage over the centuries.

Industry & Trade

Kord's thriving port and status as the capital of the kingdom brings all manner of wares to the city. The surrounding farmland also ensures that the city (and kingdom) remains well fed. Consistent shipments from the Village of Bholgalor aid local industry and trade with other kingdoms.


Kord is a sprawling, coastal city, with a highly active port. Kord is the only settlement in the kingdom with an extensive canal system which divides many areas of the city, including the racial neighborhoods. There are shipyards and various industrial buildings, all manner of businesses, and innumerable bridges. Courtyards and plazas abound while roads are rare. There are no walls surrounding the city.
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