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Village of Moonglow

Home of the famous Moonglow Moscato

The Village of Moonglow hides in the woods on an island in the Howling Sea, not far to the northeast of the Capital City of Kord. Moonglow is famous, or infamous, for being a hideout for thieves and outcasts. Many a rogue and would-be criminal has sought refuge and training from The Daggers, an organization devoted to all manner of unsavory deeds. The woods surrounding Moonglow are also renowned for an abundance of fauna and highly sought after flora, particularly by those in the apothecary and brewing businesses. The enormously popular wine, Moonglow Moscato, owes its fantastically sweet flavor to berries that can be found growing on bushes not far to the north of Moonglow. The wine is produced exclusively at Vincenzo's in Moonglow, but can be found at upscale establishments throughout the kingdom.


Moonglow has one of the most diverse populations of any settlement in the kingdom.


There is no formal government, though Moonglow is considered part of the Kingdom of Sorrano. The Daggers maintain law and order in the village.

Industry & Trade

Vincenzo's - Vintner and Producer of Moonglow Moscato

Guilds and Factions

Characters in Location


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