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The Daggers are an organization devoted to thievery, assassination, and all manner of dark deeds, though they do not see themselves as an evil organization, per se, and exercise considerable discretion before agreeing to a contract or carrying one out. In fact, many a horrible citizen of the kingdom has been disposed of thanks to this organization, though many disprove of their methods.


"Daggers" belong to a heirarchy comprised of various ranks. The lowest ranking "Dagger" holds the title of Footpad, followed by Operative, Captain, Mastermind, and Guild Master. Prolific assassins may eventually earn the title of Wraith. There are a limited number of Guild Masters, and they are only ever replaced due to one's death.

Public Agenda

The Daggers are well known throughout the kingdom as an organization that assists in both eliminating scum, but also ensuring that the powerful don't get too high and mighty. It is for this reason that leadership throughout the kingdom tolerate this organization's existence, though there have been many incidents that have brought the Daggers under considerable scrutiny. Over the centuries the Daggers have also been instrumental in conducting espionage on rival kingdoms and other would-be enemies, often neutralizing threats before they can endanger the kingdom.

"Leave No Trace."

Guild, Assassins


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