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Blossom Quickstep

"La la, la la... Oh, dear, you don't look very well!"

Wraith Blossom Quickstep (a.k.a. The Singing Slayer)

Blossom is an assassin in the Daggers. She presents as a carefree, cheerful halfling in public, quick to smile and almost always singing or humming a tune. She truly loves what she does for the Daggers, but it's because she truly believes that what she's doing is for the betterment of the kingdom and for the people for whom she is fulfilling the contracts she accepts. Her favored method of killing is poison, and she is often in the ear of Egart Stoutman regarding what he's working on. She has become his favorite Dagger to help him test out his new concoctions, and because she is so reliable, he puts up with her cheery demeanor. Blossom has been known to recruit for the Daggers from time to time, and the praise and approval that she receives from leadership only reinforces her desire to bring more into the fold. She has one glaring issue, however. She is terrified of the sight of blood. It is this powerful phobia that has driven her to utilize poison almost exclusively in her assassinations. In a pinch, Blossom is also quite the rogue, though charm is her greatest skill.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Wraith of the Daggers
Current Residence
Short, auburn
42 lbs.
Aligned Organization


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