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The Nucleons are a fundamental part of an atom. They are located in the exact center of the nucleus of the atoms, have no electric charge, and help to create links between atoms, as electrons do.   It started as a theory, until it was proven to be true, when all modern science changed. Until that moment it was thought that atoms had three subatomic particles, Electrons, Protons and Neutrons, and the discover opened a new era of understand of science, as some materials that before were thought to be compounds, were now simple elements with nucleons in its interiors.   As this law was made official, it started an era of scientific discoveries, and three laws were written at the start, as the First Law, Four Subatomic Particles, but it soon escalated to at least seven of them.


Its utility relies on the understanding of the science behind atoms, as it helped to later check the original periodic table, as we know it, and rebuild it into three different tables. The first one, with its elements rising is protons, has with 0 Nucleons in each. The second one has one Nucleon on its atoms and the third one has two, the known maximum, as there haven't been discovered any atoms with more than two Nucleons.

Children Technologies
A prediction from a former scientist led to the creation of a team to study nanoparticles and quantum science, and soon after they decided, as a normal experiment, to bomb a hydrogen atom with more hydrogen atoms, since they thought it could be used as radioactive material to cure Tekura. It was not successful, since an atom caught a large amount of mass of what they thought was a proton, since it positioned itself to the nucleus, but did not change the electrical charge, so they started an investigation on it.   Finally, after years of no results, a new theory was purposed, it had to be a fourth big subatomic particle without electrical charge. They made calculations, and it was exactly that. It was made official, and they were honored to make the respective corrections to the periodic table, as they included their names as a part of it, creating a lot of new elements that before were thought to be compounds.   Some of the new elements were named after scientists that helped, after old words in old languages, or just a simple name was applied. Examples of new names: Fritz (after Fritz Fog), Niccu (after Artren Niccu) and Dorstine (after Dorgina Dorst)

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15 Jul, 2018 18:28

You're gonna drive your physicists crazy, haha!

16 Jul, 2018 11:46

Thanks for the comment dude, I appreciate it ^^