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The only modification to a human body that is permitted, as all cyborg like implants are forbidden, is the memory enhancing network that has a due purpose of being able allow a person to interact with a computer and healing as it allows a person to heal more quickly.

So order by the Symposium of Human Rights - 26th Century


It is used as means of interacting with computers, being able to transmit thoughts or images to a screen or computer, the ability to retain or hold information to be retrieved at will or not (depending on grade), and it other use is for healing as it able to heal most minor injuries faster.


There have been major misuse as the Space Pirates, Theives and Assassian Guilds both have their own and use it for their betterment of their profession. Among the initial creation period of the memory-network, many of them used it to attempt hacking business which a lot more success than was made public. There are other cases of it being used in hacking of both professional and personal levels, which saw a crack down on who had access to it.


The manufacturing of this is highly regulated in attempt to stop the Thieves, Assassin Guilds from acquiring it, (though they have now the ability to make their own), it is most in the hands of Medical Association Company that makes all medical supplies or contracted to them to make them.

It is a simple process of grinding up a quanity of Mustard Jolt and mixing it with Panakeia Gel.

Children Technologies

Laboratory of Neurogenic Research

Access & Availability

The Terran Gov. they have made three grades, due to the scarcity of Mustard Jolt. The first grade is the one that most civilian have access to and is not that expensive, but does have the minimum amount of Mustard Jolt to allow for memory retrieval, transmitting of data and showing of images in the mind. The second grade is the one that is given to all PSI or Esper capable person, and so has a higher amount of Mustard Jolt. The Last Grade is Military and Government, as again it has a higher content and has a few additions such as storing of information to do jobs in Military and government positions.

Imperial Empire, they too have grades again because of the shortage of Mustard Jolt but also because they see no reason to allow some people to have access to computers. They have developed five grades, Civilian - for those who work for Empire Government, the Military grade for all Peacekeeper recruits, though officer do get an upgrade with a higher capacity of memory storage. Allie Grade, which is offered to the Allies of the First Family, a sigh of them positions in the Kingdom. Spy Grade, is the one that is made for the spy that work either for First Families or for the Government. The First Family Grade, is the highest possible capacity and is one that only those in the immediate family or favoured in the family are able to granted.


The making of it is simple and so are the variation of grades, as it all relies on the quality and quantity of Mustard Jolt. This mixed in the Panakeia Gel, which is a compound that interacts with the body allowing it to accept the modification or addition as it more commonly promoted.


It was discovered in the research for a Panakeia cure, the first part was a gel that allowed for the bridging between damaged nerves and repairing them. The Gel was then mixed with Mustard Jolt, which allowed for interaction with computers (human wi-fi), then it was found on further research that it also permitted the passing of memories and even thought to be transmitted, saved to a computer, or even displayed on a screen.

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