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Power Source for Human Colonised Space

This is the main energy source for the humans, and what enabled them to reach for the stars.


Material Characteristics

The material looks crystalline, it forms in five ways: long spikes that are incased in silicon-like material, layered sheets, in cube formations, smaller stubby shots and thick horizontal middle seam with silicon material between the seams.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Jolt is able to be energised through the application of solar/electrical charge/heat source. It is cool to touch, it can be cut or sliced with cold laser.


Jolt is used in all power system and engines, and used in all devices that need either memory or power to use.

Geology & Geography

Asteroid belts have been the main source, though some planetary bodies have also been found to contain it.

Origin & Source

Found in Asteroids on the edge of solar systems. it is possible alien created and seed in the galaxy, but this is yet to be proven.

Life & Expiration

Jolt has upwards of 100 years life, before the ability to create energy

History & Usage


At first it wasn't clear as to what they had found, the mining of the asteroid was so new that it seem to be normal silica like crystals that had formed. It was only when it was examined in the lab that it was found not to be normal silica crystal rocks, but rather something they had never seen before. Not all forms were found until they were able to explore beyond the Earth Solar System.


It was discovered before the migration to space, (before current dating system), it was found in the asteroid belt of Sol solar system. The compound/rock was found in space rocks, but had not been previously found. The type found was dark purple, and thought at time the only type.


The compound was found to become energised when an electrical charge was applied, it then produce energy that could be tapped into.

This discover was claimed by Nathan Lethbridge and his Explorations Company Fare-sight.

Everyday use

Jolt is used for all power needs, computer screens, and data storage. It includes space ship engines, the power plants on space stations, to solar batteries on a plant or for a large factory planet side, to the small devices of everyday use.

Cultural Significance and Usage

It is the substance that many have come to believe made their settlements in the stars possible, due to the fact that its use as power for the ships and in their engines, along with being able to pick up the Wormhole Entry Points, in systems that allowed the travel the galaxy in real time over the vast distances. It is considered a wonder, most don’t want to know that it unnatural, it allowed them to achieve great things, so why question it.

Industrial Use

It has two lives, one as the power source, the other grinded up and added to metal/clay and it become stronger than if not mixed in.


It can be cut but with speicalised tools, it mostly comes in crystal-like properties that allows it be sliced, or cut into blocks, cubs or slabs.

Manufacturing & Products

Jolt is used in space engine, any and all power systems

Byproducts & Sideproducts

Ground up into other base products such as cement, metal and clay. Its dust is also the base for internal neuro network that given to people. It is used in computers, both as power system and memory storage.


None that are publicly known. The fine dust of it can mutate living organisms

Environmental Impact

None, as it safe planet and space, and none problems.

Reusability & Recycling

Ground up and used in other materials.


Trade & Market

It is the main stay, the quality does vary but it is one material that market is set by all the Jolt Mining Board, it also the main authority on Jolt. It handles the research (though each nation has their own sub-branch of it, all of them are linked. A staple item.


Jolt needs to kept out of too hot a place else become energise (Flame Jolt)

Law & Regulation

Can not be mined on a habitable planet (reason never made public)

Necessary for all power systems
Common, Uncommon (Mustard)
None - rock
Clear or Glass, Royal (Blue), Emerald (Green), Flame (Red), Plum (Purple) and Mustard (Yellow)
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
2.33 g/cm3
Common State
solid, crystal like rock
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