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Firearms, Malcolm Krow's Hidden Weapon

In the Drowned Lands there is a warlord. Called Old Krow or Old Wolf he is a greying prince of a fief now gone. But with an army at his back he can take on anything. However just in case he has a secret weapon: gunpowder. A volatile substance but through the help of allies, and a god, Krow was able to turn this powder into a weapon that will make his army of knights a terror on Altir. Not an exact science but still the weapon can be used to propel iron at great speeds which tears flesh, and breaks bone. In the hands of his men, Krow could do anything. With these firearms his knights can rain destruction upon his foes just as easily as any wizard or sorcerer. With this weapon his knights could bring peace to the squabbling lords of the Drowned Lands or even the whole of Haunt. But that is yet to be seen and all depends on Malcolm Krow's next move.


Used to great effect by Malcolm Krow and his army. With it they strike fear into the barbarians on the other side of the continent.


Making a matchlock (don't know too much detail here, will research)
Malcolm Krow, with the help from a god
Access & Availability
it is a closely guarded and heavily protected secret of Malcolm Krow and his army. Despite many attempts from Wickt Red and Calder Blackblood, the secret remain with Malcolm Krow
To a medieval people the makings of these weapons is highly complex almost magical and it is a very complex process
The warlord Malcolm Krow made a discovery in the highlands of the Drowned Lands. That discovery was gunpowder. With his friend and loyal advisor, Edraech the Elohkarn, he experimented with this substance and when mortal knowledge failed he went to the Yor, god of secrets, and learned how to harness its power. He made firearms. hand cannons and matchlocks to arm his men with and so he has set about shaping and molding the Drowned Lands.

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