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Crystal Constructs

Crystal Constructs, more commonly referred to as simply Constructs, are beings made of elemental magic. When deactivated, constructs are spheres of metal inlaid with runes, with a Shoni Crystal that has been abandoned or left behind by one of the elemental spirits called Shoni Sprites in the center. Constructs are activated by tracing a specific rune in the air above the sphere.The residual elemental magic in the crystal allows the construct to create a rudimentary body of the element the crystal was aligned with when activated. Constructs are best activated within a source of the element of the crystal; a water construct may be placed a shallow pool to form, or a earth construct in fertile soil. Unlike shoni sprites, Constructs are not sapient. They function entirely based on orders and commands given as they activate.


Constructs were first discovered when a Crenian researcher accidentally dropped an abandoned shoni crystal in a lake. Shoni crystals were already used for a variety of smaller technologies such as scrying mirrors. He had hoped to use this stone to create a source of water for those in need. When he lost his grip on the stone, he expected it to be lost and felt his heart sink. Now he had to get the money together to get another imported from Soren! Imagine his surprise when it resurfaced, water in the vague shape of limbs and a head surrounding it! When he pulled the stone from the water, the makeshift limbs became inert water once more. Through years of research, he was able to create the runic sphere to house abandoned shoni crystals, and began hesitantly marketing his new creation.


Constructs are most commonly seen in countries such as Creni and Andaikos. Due to the labor intensive nature of creating a construct (creating the sphere, carving runes, acquiring a shoni crystal), they are not the most common of sights. Most often, they are used by researchers, construction companies, law enforcement agencies such as the Hunter Academy, and nobility that desire servants that will follow without question. This has vastly impacted the world at large, far fewer individuals are harmed in construction or research accidents, as well as preventing Hunters from having to put themselves too far into harms way when handling situations not related to the activities of Revenants.


Largely, constructs complete duties that have been deemed too dangerous for mere mortals like esseni to complete, but something not so grand that divine Knight would need to be called.
Above, a deactivated water construct. Note the symbol of the Goddess of Life in the front. This rune allows the construct to gain 'life' when activated.
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