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Shoni Sprites

Shoni sprites are elemental spirits that live within Tarin. Shoni sprites are ubiquitous in Tarin, and wild sprites can be found almost anywhere around sources of their particular element. When domesticated, they live within crystals with special properties called shoni crystals, which can only be mined from the Shirain Mountains of the continent of Allesyia.  

Natural Bonds

Some esseni are born with powerful elemental magic. These "Shonia" are born with eyes the same color as the shoni sprite they will pair-bond with. The shoni sprite will seek out their bonded partner, drawn to them through a genuine connection. The shoni sprite will not stop seeking out their bonded Shonia until they find them. The bonded pair will then travel together to select a shoni crystal for the sprite to live within. For these Shonia, all shoni crystals are free, as is the jewelry the crystal will be held in.  

Unnatural Bonds

Due to the irresistible nature of being able to control the very elements of the world, shoni sprites that aren't pair-bonded have been bred for domestication. Domesticated shoni also live within shoni crystals, but unlike their pair-bonded counterparts, they are sold for a high price. These shoni are seen more as pets rather than bonded companions, and are a novelty to those that own them. Upkeep of a domesticated shoni is complicated and expensive; they require quite a bit of mental stimulation as well as magic entertainment, and as a result domesticated shoni are rare to be seen in the hands of any but the extremely wealthy.

Basic Information


Shoni sprites tend to be approximately the size of an egg, they can easily fit into the palm of the hand of an esseni. Shoni sprites look like small representations of the element they represent; shadow shoni are extremely dark in color and somewhat faded around the edges, light shoni glow brightly, ice shoni appear as ice crystals, water shoni are droplets, etc. However, their color is not dependent on the element they represent. A shoni can be any color of the rainbow, and the elemental magic they use will be the same general color as their body.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Shoni sprites consume essentia as their only food source. In most cases, they are able to simply absorb essentia from the air around them. If fully exhausted, they must be allowed to rest within their shoni crystal while the crystal is within the type of element they represent (i.e., a water shoni crystal in a bowl of water, a light shoni crystal in direct sunlight, a fire shoni crystal in a low flame). As there isn't a physical manifestation of dreams, dream shoni sprites that need to recover retire to their crystals and are kept under the pillow of their owner as they sleep and dream.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Shoni sprites have the same general level of intelligence of young child. They are incredibly curious creatures.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Shoni sprites are masters of elemental magic. They are able to control their particular type of element with ease and finesse. Extremely powerful shoni sprites are able to not only control the element, but change the hardness, tensile strength, and overall shape of the element. A powerful light shoni may be able to make platforms of solid light for example, just as shadow shoni can make them of shadows.
Divine; shoni sprites were created directly by the Elements, the 9 beings that oversee the elemental makeup of the world.
200 years
Average Height
2.5-4 in (6.35-10.16 cm)
Average Weight
2-3 oz (56-80 grams)
Related Materials


A sentient and sapient bipedal species. Equivalent to humans. Possess the ability to do magic.
An esseni born with powerful elemental magic. They form pair-bonds with Shoni Sprites.
Aka Divine Knight, an esseni who has made a deal with a God in exchange for a miracle. Now has control over Divine magic, and a semi-immortal life, but the God holds their soul.
A Knight that has broken their oaths and connection to their God. They retain divine magic, and regain their soul but at a cost. To continue to survive, they need to drain other mortals of their Essentia; their life force
.   Vessel
Aka Divine Vessel. Mortals born with Celestial magic and the mark of one of six Gods. Vessels act as the voice of their God on the planet, and are attended by Knights.
Mortals devoted to the Goddess of the Hunt. Trained by Knights in order to hunt down and eliminate the threat of Revenants. Also act as general peace keepers. Highly respected.

  Celestial Magic
Golden magic used by the creator of the world. Highly toxic to esseni and all organic life. Used only by the four Elder Gods and their Vessels. Control is based on conscious and subconscious desires and intent.
Silver Divine magic. The basic building block of esseni and all other life on the planet. The lifeforce of esseni, and the energy that Revenants steal. Will break down organic material back into more essentia if exposure occurs. Controlled by the Gods, Vessels, and some Knights.

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