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The Ç͡҉é͡le̡s̛̕t͠i̶a̶͟ĺ̛ Creature known only as "Fate" is the caretaker of Tarin, and the creator of the Elder Gods.  


"Fate" was created in ███. It ████ trials set forth by its ██████, and through this █████ came to be known as ████. ███ it ███ and █ █████. Thus, █████ and █████ ████ ███ ██ ███.

As with all of its ██████, it eventually came into █████████ of a small group of planetoids, Tarin among them. It █████ █████, and created the beings that came to be known as the Elder Gods to watch over the ██████ in its absence.

Unfortunately, during its ███████, another ███████ attempted to ██████ Tarin and the Gods it had ███████. It was ███████ back to its domain and ██████ ███ the interloper.

It does not return to Tarin unless the need is great.


"Fate" is a ████ year old Celestial. It is endlessly fascinated with the mortals created by its children, finding them far more amusing than most of its species do. Despite its need to abide by the laws of its people and not interfere, it has appeared on multiple occasions to protect either its children, or the mortals that they created.

It speaks with a lack of contractions and oftentimes is almost inappropriately formal and direct. Despite its lack of features, it has no trouble expressing itself. It is distressingly obvious when it is displeased.

"Fate" has mastery over a type of magic known as Celestial Magic. It is simultaneously the ultimate power of creation and destruction. To any beings besides "Fate" itself and its direct children, this golden magic is corrosive to the touch, and can be deadly even in low concentrations. As a result, it is immensely powerful, and simultaneously loved and feared by its children.

Divine Domains

The All Encompassing Void, Time, Timelines, Space, Fate/Destiny

Physical Description

Body Features

Uncomfortably thin and gangly, but incredibly strong. Limbs appear stretched far too long for its size. Huge antlers, draped with golden chains, crown its head.

Its skin and horns appear opalescent, a constantly shifting rainbow of color.

Facial Features

Its head appears to be a mask without a head or face to wear it. The mask is featureless, with the exception of unblinking black eyes.


Family Ties

Considers the four Elder Gods to be its children.

Hobbies & Pets

Observing Mortals.
by ChaosTearKitsune & CrimzN
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Fate, The Paths, ██████████
Current Residence
The Void
Appear as the night sky
Jet black smoke, constantly in motion
Known Languages
All with perfect fluency, but limited success with syntax. Mostly speaks the Celestial Language, which cannot be heard or uttered by mortals without risk of ████████ ████████.
Ruled Locations

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