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The planet Tarin was created by a Celestial many thousands of years ago. As with all planets created by the creature, Fate, divine beings were created to watch over the planet in its stead. Together, the divine created and terraformed the planet into what it is today. Below is a brief introduction to the setting.


The Surface

The continents on the surface are varied in their geography.   Luyue - A small archepeliago, sparsely inhabited. Most of the island chain is made up of tundras, though some boreal forests exist in the largest island.   Miria - A larger island, also in the north of the planet. Most of Miria is tundra and boreal forests. None live in the icy glaciers to the far north, sticking to the tundra and boreal forests.   Creni - A lush, humid continent, filled with rainforests.   The Lost Barrens - Once a prosperous continent of rainforests and subtropical climates, now sunken by the power of the Gods. The Gods didn't mean to sink the continent. Now it's home to semi-aquatic water dragons who live in the ruins beneath the surface.   Andaikos - A country of plains and grasslands. Andaikos is rather flat and sparsely forested.   Rahnik - Rahnik is mostly tundras and boreal forests, home to ice dragons and their ilk. The eastern part of the country is mountainous, leading into the edges of the Shirain mountains.   Shikahn - A mostly forested country, cut down the middle by the Shirain mountains. Its most impressive landmark is the Red Forest, an unnatural and corrupted landscape cutting through the forests in the east.   Kitain - A country of all deserts and scrublands, cut through by the life-giving waters of the great Ashlina River.   Laios - A volcanic island; craggy and rocky. Inhabited only by fire dragons.   Nissayria - Badlands, volcanos, and scrublands, oh my!   The Ashen Wastes - A volcanic archipelago, mostly uninhabited.   Isos and its continent - A huge continent running the gambit from rainforest to arctic glaciers to the north. Inhabited only by Divine Knights who battle for control of the tiny country of Isos in the center.  

The Divine Realms

The Divine Realms float above the surface of the planet, too high for mortals to reach. Even if they were able to, they would immediately begin suffering from hypoxia. The four main floating continents are controlled by one of each of the Elder Gods.

Fauna & Flora

Sentient Species

Divine - Gods, beings created by the Celestial creature that created the world.   Sirens - The first attempt by the Gods to create mortals. Sirens wound up too much like the divine, being immortal beings themselves. Sirens attempt to preserve the balance of magic in the land, and appear to be made of nebulae and starlight.   Esseni - Mortals. Humans. Bipedal, sentient species created by the Gods to populate the planet. Esseni are capable of magic.   Rahnika and Laiosa - Shapeshifting dragons capable of taking esseni-form. Rahnika are ice aligned, while Laiosa are fire aligned.

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