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The Ashen Wastes

The Ashen Wastes is a volcanic archipelago that was, until recently, known to be completely uninhabited. Its hot climate, penchant for volcanic eruptions, and lack of proximity to other countries for supplies made it a place that none wanted to colonize. It has (presumably) recently become the base of operations for the terrorist group the Oathbreakers. These Revenants saw the lack of people as perfect for their deep desire to hide, and the fact that they and their husks don't need to consume anything but Essentia... It's absolutely perfect.


The Ashen Wastes are just that. It is an archipelago made up entirely of volcanic islands and dry, brittle scrublands. Though the volcanic soil is extremely fertile, the lack of indigenous esseni and subsequent lack of agriculture has allowed the landscape to remain scrubby. Eruptions are common, and the area is usually extremely hot.
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A sentient and sapient bipedal species. Equivalent to humans. Possess the ability to do magic.
Aka Divine Knight, an esseni who has made a deal with a God in exchange for a miracle. Now has control over Divine magic, and a semi-immortal life, but the God holds their soul.
A Knight that has broken their oaths and connection to their God. They retain divine magic, and regain their soul but at a cost. To continue to survive, they need to drain other mortals of their Essentia; their life force
.   Vessel
Aka Divine Vessel. Mortals born with Celestial magic and the mark of one of six Gods. Vessels act as the voice of their God on the planet, and are attended by Knights.
Mortals devoted to the Goddess of the Hunt. Trained by Knights in order to hunt down and eliminate the threat of Revenants. Also act as general peace keepers. Highly respected.

  Celestial Magic
Golden magic used by the creator of the world. Highly toxic to esseni and all organic life. Used only by the four Elder Gods and their Vessels. Control is based on conscious and subconscious desires and intent.
Silver Divine magic. The basic building block of esseni and all other life on the planet. The lifeforce of esseni, and the energy that Revenants steal. Will break down organic material back into more essentia if exposure occurs. Controlled by the Gods, Vessels, and some Knights.

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