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The Huntress

The Huntress is the patron goddess of the Hunters, guardians tasked with protecting the peace and eliminating the threat of Revenants.

Origins of a Goddess

Unlike the other Great Gods who were born or created with their divinity, Huntress was born a mortal. She was not particularly remarkable, not a Vessel or a Knight, but she was a skilled hunter, and provided for her family and her village.

A Fateful Encounter

While hunting to feed her family, the woman who would become the Huntress was approached by a woman with the eyes of the Dark God. This other woman was dressed in the remains of a Knights uniform, the divine symbol ripped from her shoulder. All at once, this Knight launched forward, grasping the huntress by the face. The pain had been horrific, like red hot needles running through her veins. She felt herself grow weaker and weaker until everything went dark.

After what seemed an eternity, a golden light enveloped her, a voice whispering. "Th͡i̶s ͢wàs̛n'̸t ̶śup̀posed̵ ̶to̴ ͝ha̶p͝pen̷.̴...̨" It said, its voice every language and none at once. "An̷d͟ ̢it͟ n͞ever͢ ̕wi̶ll̷ ͢ágain."

When she opened her eyes again, suddenly able to see, she found an incredibly tall being with bone white, opalescent skin before her. But she did not feel fear, only gratitude. She swore to the Celestial, Fate, that she would protect its lands from the threat that beings such as that knight created. Satisfied, Fate took its leave, leaving a young Goddess and a world changed.


Soon after her creation, she discovered mortals under attack from the Revenant and strange creatures that glittered in the light. Though the Revenant escaped, she was able to destroy the Husks and protect the mortals. Thankful and awed by this young Goddess, they spread the word of her creation, her protection and her power.

The Goddess Huntress, unlike her counterparts, believes in the strength of mortals. She did not believe that Knights were needed to solve all of the worlds problems. And so, she founded The Hunter Academy, an organization of mortals trained to hunt down and destroy Revenants and the Husks they create. To this day, Huntress still seeks the Revenant that killed her.

Divine Domains

The Hunt, Letting go of the old so the new may come to pass.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A deer skull or the mask of a White Hart with one to two arrows crossed behind it.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To eradicate the threat of Revenants from the world. The Huntress is much more active than many of her counterparts, and has been known to return to the mortal realms to assist her Hunters on the hunt for particularly dangerous Revenants.

Physical Description

Body Features

Huntress is pale skinned. If one looks carefully, they may see the occasional flash of opalesence shining on her skin. She is lithe and unnaturally strong.

Facial Features

Most of her face is obscured by the mask of a Celestial Beast. Theologists disagree regarding the origin of the mask. Some insist it is a shed mask from a White Hart. Others insist it is a part of the Huntress herself. After all, shed masks don't retain their antlers of Celestial magic, and Huntress is known for her sweeping, golden antlers.

Identifying Characteristics

Golden antlers of Celestial magic crown her head. If one looks carefully enough, they can see the hint of the Revenants Kiss that killed her on her cheek.



Huntress speaks little. When she does, her word choice is careful, calculated and formal. Her voice is lilting and soft in most cases, though is grows hard when addressing the Revenants that she hunts down.
Divine Classification
Great Goddess
Current Location
Current Residence
The Divine Realms, or the Red Forest.
The eyes of her mask appear as the night sky. Her real eyes are a silvery grey.
Long, wavy, and russet brown.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Huntress speaks all mortal languages, like all gods. Oddly, she seems most comfortable when speaking the same Celestial language that Fate uses.


A sentient and sapient bipedal species. Equivalent to humans. Possess the ability to do magic.
Aka Divine Knight, an esseni who has made a deal with a God in exchange for a miracle. Now has control over Divine magic, and a semi-immortal life, but the God holds their soul.
A Knight that has broken their oaths and connection to their God. They retain divine magic, and regain their soul but at a cost. To continue to survive, they need to drain other mortals of their Essentia; their life force
.   Vessel
Aka Divine Vessel. Mortals born with Celestial magic and the mark of one of six Gods. Vessels act as the voice of their God on the planet, and are attended by Knights.
Mortals devoted to the Goddess of the Hunt. Trained by Knights in order to hunt down and eliminate the threat of Revenants. Also act as general peace keepers. Highly respected.

  Celestial Magic
Golden magic used by the creator of the world. Highly toxic to esseni and all organic life. Used only by the four Elder Gods and their Vessels. Control is based on conscious and subconscious desires and intent.
Silver Divine magic. The basic building block of esseni and all other life on the planet. The lifeforce of esseni, and the energy that Revenants steal. Will break down organic material back into more essentia if exposure occurs. Controlled by the Gods, Vessels, and some Knights.

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