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Hunters are mortals trained in the arts of Knight warfare who specialize in hunting down and eliminating Revenants and the Husks they create.



Hunters begin as students in the Hunter Academy from all walks of life. Nobility may have wanted exclusivity to their social standing, but the Goddess responsible for the creation of the profession insisted it be open to all. They go through rigorous training not only in combat, but are also educated in the variety of different cultures and languages of the world. It would not do for a Shikahni Hunter to be called to Kitain for assistance and bring racist misconceptions with him or her.   Hunters remain in the academy for ten years before they "earn their antlers"; Hunter regalia includes a helm with wrought antlers, and most wear a brooch shaped like antlers when in casual clothing. This usually occurs around age 20.

Career Progression

Below are the ranks hunters can attain:  
Hunter Brigadier
Supervises a full brigade of Hunters. The highest mortal rank a Hunter can attain.
Hunter Captain
Supervises three lieutenants and their charges. Usually, three Captains work together in a single location.
Hunter Lieutenant
Supervises three Squad leaders and their squads. Usually there are nine lieutenants in a single location.
Squad Leader
Lead the hunter squad they are assigned to. Each location typically holds 27 squads.
Generic rank. 4-5 hunters make up a single squad. This count includes the squad leader.
Apprentice Hunter
Individuals at the Academy, learning the trade.
  For the first ten years, Hunters are considered apprentices. Once they've earned their antlers, they take on the mantle of a Hunter. They may progress to become the Squad Leader (similar to the rank that Knights take). The squad leader reports directly to a Lieutenant, who report directly to Captains. Captains may eventually become the Hunter Brigadier of their chapter of the Academy.   Particularly skilled Hunters may be chosen by the Goddess of the Hunt to become her Knights.



Hunters are guardians of the peace in Tarin. They act as peacekeepers and will handle just about any criminal situation.   Their true purpose is to hunt down Knights who have broken their oaths, as these Revenants kill innocents in their attempts to stay alive.

Social Status

Being a Hunter means having high social status. People from all walks of life seek to become Hunters.


The Hunter Academy was founded by the once-mortal Goddess of the Hunt. The Huntress sought to give mortals the power to fight back against the threat of Revenants. Initially, there was no contact between Hunters and Knights (mortals who had made deals with Gods and not gone back on their word as Revenants have). In modern times, it is not uncommon for Knights to be present and help train young Hunter Apprentices in combat in order to make sure they're able to fight off the threat of Revenants.



Hunters are always equipped with their weapon of choice. Additionally, they are equipped with scrying mirrors and an earpiece inlaid with a dream shoni crystal, allowing them to speak telepathically to one another when necessary.

Provided Services

Hunters are the only individuals besides Knights trained to destroy Husks and defeat Revenants. Locals are reminded that attempting to destroy a Husk or Revenant on your own may result in bodily harm, disfigurement, or death.

Dangers & Hazards

Given that Hunters regularly encounter Husks and Revenants, risk of death is always relevant in their minds.
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Alternative Names
Hunters are legal in all parts of the world. It is punishable by law to impersonate a Hunter.
Reports directly to
Divine Knight

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