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Shoni Crystals

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Shoni crystals are stones that have been imbued with magic to allow them to be habitable for Shoni Sprites. These tiny elemental sprites can survive without the stones, but when pair-bonded to a mortal with strong elemental magic (a Shonia) or when domesticated, they require the stones to rest and recharge their own magic levels.   Though the crystals can be mined anywhere along the Shirain Mountains, they can be refined only by Sorenians. Strict laws prohibit the sale of shoni crystals by any other nations unless recycled into new materials or products.


Material Characteristics

Stones with a rigid crystalline structure. They appear as crystals in a riot of different colors. Natural, completely perfect shoni crystals are colorless and completely clear similar to herkimer diamonds.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Shoni crystals that have been imbued with essentia are warm to the touch and seem to always sparkle. Shoni crystals currently being inhabited glow faintly, and often will have some indication of the owner's magic visible (ex. a Shonia with ice magic may have ice crystals growing on their shoni crystal).

Geology & Geography

Shoni crystals form exclusively in the Shirain Mountains. This enormous mountain range cuts through the countries of Kitain, Shikahn, and Soren, and borders the country of Rahnik. Despite the size of the mountain range itself, the proper conditions for shoni crystal growth are rare. Mines dedicated to the collection of these crystals are heavily coveted and highly secure locations.

History & Usage


Natural, untouched shoni crystals are not suitable for habitation by shoni sprites in this form. Once mined, Sorenian mages with specific and unique training imbue the stones with essentia magic from Crystalline Essentia. This magic causes imperfections in the stones and gives them their color. It can also create bright flashes of color in the stones that simply become more cloudy. It also is what makes them habitable for shoni sprites.   Shoni crystals are the only stones capable of being imbued with essentia; all others crumble or shatter.

Manufacturing & Products

Once shoni crystals are refined, they are used to house shoni sprites. The stones are then typically wrapped into jewelry of some kind, so that the owner and their sprite won't be far apart.

Reusability & Recycling

Once a shoni sprite passes on, or leaves a particular crystal, the shoni crystal continues to retain residual elemental magic. These stones are sent to Creni or Andaikos to be used in magitech creations. Shoni crystals may be used as simple power sources in the case of lightning stones. Others, such as light and shadow stones may be ground to a fine powder and treated with further magic before coating glass to create scrying mirrors, or other devices that allow for communication across far distances. Fire stones can be used to heat homes in winter, ice stones can be used to cool down in the summer. Crystals that had been inhabited by particularly strong shoni sprite can be used to power constructs, beings made of the particular element of the stone but not sentient like a shoni sprite.


Trade & Market

Shoni crystals are sold exclusively by Sorenian traders. Children who have pair-bonded with a shoni sprite are allowed to claim a crystal and simple piece of jewelry for free. Complicated pieces of jewelry are still charged for. Shoni sprites need a crystal to recharge in when bonded, it would be inhumane to not provide the stones to Shonia for free. Instead of money, they ask only for a trade of food, supplies, or anything the family is able to spare without putting them into hardship.   Those who want to purchase a crystal for the luxury or novelty of owning a shoni sprite are charged high prices. Luckily for the Sorenians, many are extremely willing to pay the price. Some will even pay for unrefined stones, or stones that haven't been inhabited by a shoni sprite. They're still lovely as they are, and are sometimes used as jewelry even without magic.   Stones are returned to Soren when the sprite that inhabits it either leaves or passes on, and the Sorenians will then sell or trade the stones to magitech companies in Creni or Andaikos.
Shoni crystals are seen as precious materials, and have extremely high value.
Untouched shoni crystals are colorless and clear. Once imbued with essentia magic, they can be any color imaginable, or may contain fires of different colors.
Common State
Shoni crystals are only ever found in solid form.
Related Species

Extent of the Shirain Mountain Range, the only location where shoni crystals can be mined.

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