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Hat’ept Empire

Once a thriving Empire that stretched across the south of Turoza, long before the beginning of the Settlement Era, or even the Nomadic Era, Hat'ept is thought by scholars to be the first ever geopolitical organisation on the continent of Turoza. The discoveries made by the Exploration Corps of the Sultanate of Fashaddon have found the remains of huge cities and palaces scattered across the Sonsuz Desert, that speak volumes about the resources, technology and organisation of the Hat'ept Empire.   The exact reason for the demise of the Hat'ept Empire is unknown, though given that their civilisation was located in the area of the Sonsuz Desert, it is thought that the creation and expansion of the desert itself is what led to the destruction of the Empire. Now all that is left as a testament to Hat'ept's great legacy are the ruins of their once magnificent, sprawling cities that are now all but chocked in the desert sands.


From what Fashaddon's Exploration Corps, and the few foreign scholars who have accompanied them have been able to infer from ruins that have been found in the desert, Hat'ept appears to have been run as a Theocracy, with a caste of priests at the very top of society who made the decisions about how their empire was to be run based on the discernment of signs and portents taken from prophesies and sacrifices.

Technological Level

Despite the fact that Hat'ept existed long before the nations that currently exist on the continent of Turoza, Hat'ept appears to have had access to technology that was long thought to not have originated before the late stages of the Nomadic Era. For instance they were apparently very capable of constructing large, stable and well crafted building from stone, some of which were constructed to gigantic sizes.   Equally, their ruling caste of priests do appear to have had some concept of the use and application of magic, both in the form of magical items and the direct wielding of magic by an individual, which again is something that is not thought to have been thoroughly thought through and tested until the end of the Nomadic Era.
Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Theocratic
Economic System
Command/Planned economy

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