Kraad Technocracy

Kraad Technocracy was once a dominant - in terms of civilization and technology - civilization that controlled or at least overshadowed entire Karadia. It is believed to be created by what little remained from Xylian Dominion following the Black Iron War against Mechanics. The remnants - spared by the rampaging warmachines of their vanquishers - were too few in numbers to have any chance of actually achieving greatness once again on their own. Thus they decided to welcome their former slaves as equals, creating Technocracy.   It was a unique state in the history of the world. For various reasons. Firstly - it was a completely atheist society, that rejected their old gods after they failed to stop the Mechanics onslaught. Secondly - it was a democratic federation that never fell neither into authoritarism nor oligarchism, unlike more modern attempts to achieve it. Thirdly - it decided to have a fully scientific approach to the world, including Dark, at least as far as it was possible in its case. It also decided that it was its birthright to take control over what once was Xylian Dominion.   Its relentless (but not too fast) expansion had foundation of both racial inclusiveness - with Kraad happily letting in elves and ogres to 'shape them' into proper citizens - and military might. In the aftermath of Black Iron War Technocracy was the only state capable of fielding automatas, easily devastating even biggest traditional armies of its rival Confederation of 40 Tribes.   The expansion was, however, ground to a halt as they encountered the Syhon Mir. It was a lone city-state, created in southwestern Kasytia by few surviving Xyls and local human tribes. Terrified of the threat it might pose - as a country capable of creating automata as well - the Technocracy unleashed its most terrifying weapon. The Hakhten Ra. The City Killer. The Syhon Mir ceased to exist in most horrible fashion possible. Kraads were horified. They spend a lot of time literally erasing what they did from the world, creating magical anomaly known as Hungry Coast - a void that slowly, few centimetres a decade, devours reality.   Despite this, the trauma remained. The Kraads collectively walked past the moral event horizon. Their obsessive fear of the mere possibility of gods actually existing and being there to judge them for their sins was enough to cripple the Technocracy. Never again they expanded, instead directing all they could into achieving immortality. Soon they managed to succesfully 'save' their conciousness on magical counterparts of a hard drives. Their procreation also started to slow down, as bringing offspring into this world was deemed an attrocity.   Finally all of them departed into their technomagical afterlife. Their consciousness safely stored in their capital, Crom Vaszina which was then collapsed into magical anomaly, which forever conserved it while ensuing it is guarded by legions of automata. There they remain, observing but not intervening in outside world, probably unknown even to Imperium of Karadia.


It was a democratic federation of many regional city-states, all of them ruled autonomously by local citizens. Its central government was located in Crom Vaszina and was composed of representatives of all cities (elected and working as legislative power) and executive power in the form of a small group of experts elected by the legislative. Elections were fully democratic, as higher education meant more votes. It was in fact heavily biased towards the technomagical elite.

Geopolitical, Republic


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